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Example sentences for "erroneously"

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erreth; erreur; erreurs; erring; erroneous; erroneousness; erronious; error; errore; errorem
  1. Thus he had a notion impressed upon him, that this wretched defect was general in Scotland; in consequence of which he has erroneously enlarged upon it in his Journey.

  2. Beyond the eastern wall of the city are the splendid mausolea erroneously known to Europeans as the tombs of the caliphs; they really are tombs of the Circassian or Burji Mamelukes, a race extinguished by Mehemet Ali.

  3. The numbers are differently, but, I suppose, erroneously stated in Thurloe, vii.

  4. One day, while we were eating a red monkey, erroneously called the baboon of Demerara, an Arowack Indian told an affecting story of what happened to a comrade of his.

  5. It is erroneously described as "an abridgment.

  6. This specimen erroneously reported as a Parasitic Jaeger, Stercorarius parasiticus (Linnaeus), in previous lists of birds of Kansas.

  7. This wonderful drawing has hitherto been erroneously ascribed to Albert Durer.

  8. In China there are no other turkeys than those which have been introduced from other parts, as we are expressly assured by Du Halde, though he erroneously adds that they were quite common in the East Indies.

  9. Virgil obtained his mediaeval repute as a wizard because his name was erroneously connected with virgula, the magic wand.

  10. Pains, erroneously ascribed to rheumatism or sciatica, are often due to faulty posture.

  11. Seyfried erroneously states in his biographical particulars of him.

  12. A modern edition of this book, published at Derby by Thomas Richardson, is, without exception, the most erroneously printed of all books that have come under my notice.

  13. The Cicada is often erroneously called a locust.

  14. The name is often erroneously applied (as in the first two quotations), to the Emu (q.

  15. The first-named species is by many erroneously believed to be identical, or at most a variety of E.

  16. Although originating probably from a coniferous tree related to the Kauri pine, it nevertheless has been erroneously taken for Kauri gum.

  17. He is deceived by Hastings and I fear erroneously counts upon the delegation from Dubuque.

  18. It was erroneously believed that our internal difficulties could be adjusted in that period.

  19. I observed on each of these phials containing the past renown of exploded men the name of the merit with which he was once supposed to be endowed, and under it the true quality, which had been erroneously construed into that merit.

  20. Pipino seems not to have understood it, translating "aurum quod dicitur Deplaglola"; whilst Zurla says erroneously that pajola is an old Italian word for gold.

  21. It has often been erroneously supposed that the frankincense (olibanum) of commerce, for which Bombay and the ports which preceded it in Western India have for centuries afforded the chief mart, was an Indian product.

  22. Tennent gives the meaning erroneously as "the Sea of Gain.

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