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Example sentences for "ethnographer"

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  1. This question is, indeed, one which every ethnographer ought to keep clearly and constantly before his mind.

  2. This lack is due to reasons connected with the ethnographer and not with the material.

  3. This will become obvious to every ethnographer who reads the excellent manual of MM.

  4. The chief theoretical interest of the eminent ethnographer Morgan was the unravelling of the riddle of primitive forms of marriage out of the invaluable material contained in his tables of kinship terms.

  5. There are, besides these points, several other important points referring to the qualifications of the ethnographer that cannot be omitted when any correction of statement is made.

  6. Yet these differences between various parts of the population remain, and this generally in those localities which the ethnographer describes as strongly tinctured with non-Teutonic elements.

  7. I have here rapidly sketched a series of pictures from nature, which the historian and ethnographer will not fail to recognize.

  8. The Teepee Way is an illustration of the effect an ethnographer can have on the lives of his subjects.

  9. A casual remark by an ethnographer that the peyote ceremonies carried out by the Paiute leader were not like those he had seen elsewhere motivated a Washo to drive to Idaho to find out for himself.

  10. The sequel, indeed, might lead the ethnographer into a labyrinth of conjecture, but the story is too tempting a one for me to forego telling it, although the said ethnographer should lose his wits in striving to solve the puzzle.

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