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  1. Among the northern tribes, who were one Ethnical Period below the Pueblo Indians, their social organization and their mode of life have changed materially under similar influences since the period of discovery.

  2. Although the sedentary Village Indians were one ethnical period in advance of the Northern Indians, there can be but little doubt that their mode of life in this respect was substantially the same.

  3. But with the coming of the Slavs, who settled in the Balkan peninsula about the beginning of the seventh century, certain fundamental changes took place in the ethnical conditions prevailing on the Danube.

  4. On the other hand, the differences between the ethnical groups are the product of evolutions subject to other laws than those of biology--laws still very dimly apprehended.

  5. The inner life of a given ethnical group comprises economic or property organisation, and social organisation properly so called (administration and politics).

  6. I cannot undertake to speak here of morals based on religious ideas, nor of ethnical jurisprudence.

  7. The relations of ethnical groups one with another may be of three sorts--hostile, neutral, or sympathetic.

  8. Ethnical facts must not then be considered separately.

  9. As to ethnical characteristics, these are for the most part borrowed from their Carib and Arawak neighbours.

  10. Formosa thus presents a curious ethnical and linguistic connecting link between the Continental and Oceanic populations.

  11. Great ethnical importance has been attached by some distinguished anthropologists to the treatment of the dead.

  12. In the Nicobar archipelago are distinguished two ethnical groups, the coast people, i.

  13. With the Negritoes of the Philippines we enter a region of almost hopeless ethnical complications[358], amid which, however, the dark dwarfish Aeta peoples crop out almost everywhere as the indigenous element.

  14. Barabra as a true ethnical name confused in classical times with the Greek and Roman Barbarus, but revived in its proper sense since the Moslem conquest.

  15. In other regions the heterogeneous ethnical groups crowded into upland valleys, as in the Caucasus, have been called the "sweepings of the plains.

  16. Horsok is an almost unique ethnical term[395], being a curious compound of the two names applied by the Tibetans to the Hor-pa and the Sok-pa who divide the steppe between them.

  17. For the Latin nation may possibly have contained within itself some ethnical element not dissimilar to the Hellenic, as well as one substantially corresponding with the Pelasgian, factor of the Greek people.

  18. It may be that the poet’s ethnical knowledge failed him.

  19. But in order to survive, two conditions are essential, continuity of place and continuity of ethnical unity.

  20. A primary condition consists in establishing historical continuity and ethnical unity.

  21. The one will have retained more primitive forms; for example, local and historical as well as ethnical continuity have kept the Italian much closer to the Latin than Spanish or Portuguese.

  22. As to possible ethnical and geographical continuity, it may be remarked that the places where these tales are found were also the homesteads of the Goths, in which they dwelt for at least two or three hundred years.

  23. None of these nations, and, in fact, none of the modern nations of Europe, reach back to any extreme antiquity, nor are they homogeneous in their ethnical character nor the descendants of the autochthonous inhabitants.

  24. Russified Tartars, Magyarised Rumanians, Anglicised Hindoos will speak Russian, Hungarian or English as the case may be, but this will not change their ethnical character.

  25. We must give them the inspiring example of fair play, of justice for all, of unity of purpose and aspirations in the diversity of ethnical offsprings.

  26. British history, for the last century and more, proves that Imperialism is not naturally incompatible with Political Liberty, nor with the respect due the national aspirations of divers ethnical groups.

  27. The old question respecting the ethnical affinities of the Aleutians is thus again raised, but not further discussed by our author.

  28. They differed in race from the Germans, Slavs, and Romans, and they had in Attila a leader capable of uniting under his sway the most discordant ethnical elements.

  29. Essay on "The Keepers of the Herd of Swine" I have fully discussed the question of the ethnical character of the general population.

  30. Are we then to suppose that it was the persons of Jewish "ethnical character" who favoured the Romans, while those of Gentile "ethnical character" were opposed to them?

  31. He more fatally confounds the local civil government and its following, including, perhaps, the whole wealthy class and those attached to it, with the ethnical character of the general population.

  32. Sidenote: Negro rule in the South from the point of view of political science and ethnical principle.

  33. In a word, ethnical vegetarianism and ethical vegetarianism are two very different things.

  34. The Great Traveler, who construed at a glance the ethnical significance of those embodied charms, has long ago passed to his eternal rest.

  35. It is not remarkable, therefore, that after every Norman invasion the resulting ethnical transmutation was complete.

  36. Let us give full credit to each member of the triune ethnical Trust--which is charged with all the responsibilities of this magnificent modern world.

  37. It is obvious that such characters will be all the more distinct, the more the race differs from its congeners, and the purer its ethnical separation.

  38. Among the Arabs, for example, the instinct of ethnical separation is so strong, that the same Bedouin wife who will prostitute herself for money with Turks or Europeans, would think it dishonorable to marry one of them.

  39. He more fatally confounds the local civil government and its following, including, perhaps, the whole wealthy class and those attached to it, with the ethnical character of a general population.

  40. The Keepers of the Herd of Swine" I have fully discussed the question of the ethnical character of the general population.

  41. From them we are enabled to learn some traits of ethnical character.

  42. Many archæologists have remarked on the uniform character of many prehistoric implements, wherever found, as precluding their being held as ethnical evidences.

  43. But beyond this is perhaps, what is after all the most satisfactory way of solving the problem, a dependence on the geographical and ethnical probabilities of the case.

  44. Among these he finds three distinct ethnical stages, as shown in the northern Indian, higher in the sedentary tribes of New Mexico, and highest among those of Mexico and Central America.

  45. The reader, however, is referred to other sections of the present volume for the literature bearing upon the distinct ethnical connections of the early American peoples.

  46. The actual condition to which the Indians of Spanish America had reached was, according to his schedule, the upper status of barbarism, between which and the beginning of civilization he reckoned an entire ethnical period.

  47. Comparisons of these, as well as of the methods of forming sentences, have been much used in investigations of ethnical relations.

  48. This sweeping denial of their ethnical independence had been forestalled by Gallatin;[827] but no one before Brinton had made it a distinct issue, though some writers before and since have verged on his views.

  49. Some of the delineators of this frontier--French and British--have told me that they were guided throughout by the ethnical principle.

  50. As a matter of fact the Paris Conference did attempt to make an ethnical division, between these three States, of the Banat.

  51. This illustrates the difficulties which the Peace Conference, in its desire to trace an ethnical frontier, was confronted with.

  52. Then followed a time of great ethnical confusion in South Africa, during which tribes flourished, split up and disappeared; but ere this the culture represented by the ruins in Rhodesia had waxed and waned.

  53. Shar, Grammos and Pindus constitute a kind of natural boundary, which does not, however, coincide with ethnical limits nor with the Turkish administrative divisions.

  54. While the various ethnical elements have been merged in the composite Abyssinian nation, the primitive and more advanced religious ideas have nowhere been fused in a uniform Christian system.

  55. Such are some of the deductions to be drawn from a comparison of traditional accounts with those of history, taken in connection with the ethnical features and the customs of certain races of people.

  56. Again it may be suggested that the causes responsible for the Heroic Age are to be found not so much in ethnical affinity as in the possession of a similar stage of culture.

  57. The ethnical affinities of the Pelasgoi are still quite obscure.

  58. The ethnical distribution, which can be observed even now, existed already.

  59. The only ethnical element which could have been introduced among the Persian Mahomedans and not among the Guebres, would be the Semitic element due to the Arab conquerors.

  60. But where there is no tribal association, after the political downfall of a state founded by ethnical groups, those groups sooner or later disappear as such.

  61. Both these courses, however, meant the end of the Hsien-pi as an independent ethnical unit.

  62. We see this in the years immediately following Fu Chien's collapse: the Tibetan ethnical group to which he himself belonged disappeared entirely from the historical scene.

  63. In considering the ethnical relationships of all these northern peoples we must rid ourselves of our present-day notions of national unity.

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