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Example sentences for "excavating"

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  1. This outpouring of riches stimulated the people throughout the country to search for mineral treasures, and everywhere the miners of Schwatz were in request as the most expert, both at excavating and engineering.

  2. Not to lose time, I employed the Jebours who had accompanied me from Mosul in excavating some mounds not far from the gates of the city, on the eastern bank of the Tigris.

  3. Eight or ten of my workmen, under a Christian superintendent, had been for some days excavating in the ruins of Abou Khameera.

  4. The Arab workmen, excavating in the small temple, had dug out a beam, and, the weather being cold, had at once made a fire to warm themselves.

  5. I was compelled, as I have stated, to abandon my plan of excavating in the Birs Nimroud.

  6. Here we found a party of workmen excavating under one of the Christian superintendents.

  7. It was oval in shape, and had evidently been formed by excavating the chalk in the centre, and building up the sides with it to the height of about thirty feet.

  8. It is only in the last half century that the industry of excavating archaeologists has brought the extent and civilization of the AEgean peoples to our knowledge.

  9. Great gangs {367} of men were employed in excavating canals, in making railway cuttings and embankments, and the like.

  10. The difficulties of excavating chambers in it would have been enormous.

  11. They were able to give them a sort of facing with great labour, but the tools they had were not made of material hard enough to work in solid rock, and the labour of excavating such chambers would have been stupendous.

  12. Of the cost of excavating a given number of cubic yards of earth from drains, it is difficult to give reliable estimates.

  13. Hericart de Thury, chief engineer of mines and inspector-general of quarries in 1810, which contains specimens of all the earths and minerals encountered in excavating the quarries.

  14. In excavating her tunnel she has detached a large quantity of fibres, which lie on the ground like a heap of saw-dust.

  15. We gave them always a contract task to do, such as placing three or four sets of timber, excavating the necessary dirt and camouflaging the latter.

  16. Another French mission that is carrying out work of the very greatest interest to the student of early Babylonian history is that which is excavating at Susa in Persia, under the direction of M.

  17. Morgan found a very extensive prehistoric necropolis, which he examined, but did not excavate to any great extent, and the work of thoroughly excavating it was performed by Messrs.

  18. Sellin is at present excavating at Taanach (Ta'annak) and will shortly start work at Dothan.

  19. In the course of excavating the Tell of Tablets Captain Cros found a little seated statue made of diorite.

  20. When we had dug down about 6 feet we struck water, but continued excavating until the water lay 3 feet deep in the well.

  21. At one place excavating was still going on, and a regiment of little boys were running back and forth with baskets of dirt on their heads, singing and sweating in the blazing sun, earning as much as two piastres (ten cents) a day.

  22. Nobody is excavating there--nobody seems to care for it, and never was such a mine of relics under the sun.

  23. The construction of their fore-arms is such as to economise strength and the effectiveness of their excavating instruments.

  24. If a scratching or tapping sound be made at the mouth of a burrow, even in the daytime, one is likely to hear a muffled tapping in response, and this may at times be heard while one is engaged in excavating a mound.

  25. As experience in excavating and interpreting results has been gained we have concluded that these chambers in fact represent abandoned nests.

  26. In the gassing and excavating of 25 or more mounds we have never found more than one animal in a den, except in one instance, and then the two present were obviously young animals.

  27. And thus the work of excavating the trench is brought fairly within six thousand years.

  28. Naville when excavating for the Egypt Exploration Fund) and Raamses, the Pi-Ramessu of the inscriptions, concerning which there is a very interesting letter by an Egyptian named Panbesa, who visited it.

  29. This was found by the late George Smith at Nineveh when excavating for the proprietors of the Daily Telegraph, and was at first supposed to belong to the text translated on pp.

  30. On the southern extremity of the island where De Monts placed his cannon, about twenty-five years ago a workman in excavating threw out five small cannon-balls, one of which was obtained by Peter E.

  31. They were about a foot and a half below the surface, and the workman was excavating for another purpose, and knew nothing of the history of the island.

  32. Inventions for the excavating of clay, piling and burning it in a crude state for ballast for railways, are important, especially for those railways which traverse areas where clay is plentiful, and stones and gravel are lacking.

  33. The cupola of their edifice being subject to dilapidation, they are constantly under a necessity of repairing and re-excavating it.

  34. Sometimes the laborious woodpecker, laboriously toiling at its task of excavating the oak, cheers itself with its singular cry.

  35. Ah, what ages ago, since, despite its hardness, the rain has succeeded in excavating it!

  36. The Americans, on taking over the work from the French, found about 700 West Indian negroes engaged in excavating the Culebra Cut.

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