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Example sentences for "extols"

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extirpation; extol; extoll; extolled; extolling; extort; extorted; extorting; extortion; extortionate
  1. Treitschke extols it in the name of politics.

  2. In conclusion, he extols his great consideration for the Prince.

  3. He extols the “sola fides” in persuasive and popular language, showing how it alone justifies and saves us.

  4. The Abbé Roquetteʼs character seems not so black as it has been painted, at least according to M.

  5. Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil,” which are very La Bruyèresque, and somewhat like several paragraphs of the Chapter “Of Certain Customs.

  6. Friendship, on the contrary, is formed gradually, in time, through familiarity and long acquaintance.

  7. And at the same time he extols those ancient periods in the Roman government, when the events of war were mild, and marked with no unnecessary cruelty.

  8. Polybius highly extols the merit and wisdom of Antigonus, who, having Sparta in his power, allowed the inhabitants to retain their national polity and freedom.

  9. This trash Walpole extols in language sufficiently high for the merits of Don Quixote.

  10. A similar style was for some years displayed by Orlando Fiacco, or Flacco, from which he is supposed to have been a scholar of Badile, though Vasari, who extols him particularly in portrait, gives him to another school.

  11. The same author likewise extols Irene de' Signori di Spilimbergo, a lady of singular accomplishments, highly celebrated by the poets of the fifteenth century.

  12. He identifies the author with that Celsus to whom Lucian dedicated the little work Alexander or Pseudomantis in which he so extols the philosophy of Epicurus that it seems he must be regarded as an Epicurean.

  13. Some exceptionable acts they undoubtedly committed; and when Petrarch extols Azzo as another Cato, it is to be hoped that he did so with some mental reservation.

  14. And Timæus extols highly the funeral pile made for Dionysius the tyrant of Sicily.

  15. And the king has no longer delayed to do justice on him immediately; but he greatly praises and extols Alexander; and all the rest greet him with ceremony and praise and extol him loudly.

  16. In these words he does not commend his own works at all, but extols the grace of God, which had taught him the way of true repentance.

  17. Worthington had assigned the first rank among devotional writers to Arndt, and quotes the enthusiastic terms in which he extols that "faithful servant of God, John Arndt.

  18. Footnote 2: In its earliest form Buddhism was equally averse to persecution, and the Mahawanso extols the liberality of Asoca in giving alms indiscriminately to the members of all religions (Mahawanso, ch.

  19. He sounds the praise of wine, youth, and happiness, and extols the charms of his lady-love, but above and beyond all he devotes his song to Zion and his people.

  20. Bede extols Theodore primate of Canterbury and Tobias bishop of Rochester for their knowledge of Greek.

  21. St. Jerom, who dedicated to him his Catalogue of illustrious men, extols his eloquence and learning, and more particularly the chastity and sanctity of his life.

  22. St. Chrysostom extols the courage and zeal of St. Babylas, in shutting the church-doors against an emperor and a barbarous tyrant, then at the head of a victorious army.

  23. St. Peter he calls the Prince of the College of the Apostles, and the Porter of Heaven, and extols the authority of the keys conferred upon him, (in Matt.

  24. In nine homilies On Penance, he extols its efficacy, and invites all sinners to repentance.

  25. The author exceedingly extols the peace and sweetness which a soul, crucified to the world, enjoys with the consolations of the Holy Ghost, who resides in her.

  26. He more clearly extols the supreme prerogative of the church of Rome, founded on the faith of Peter; which church is perpetual, impregnable to hell, and confirmed beyond the danger of falling.

  27. St. Gregory extols the excellency of that divine book, not to be read but by pure hearts, disengaged from all love of creatures, and free from all corporeal images.

  28. He extols the merit and advantages of holy virginity, (Hom.

  29. In the following homilies he extols the absolute necessity of this mortification, to crucify in us the old man, and punish past irregularities; but shows it must be accompanied with alms and other good works.

  30. Along with faith, however, he extols the Holy Ghost.

  31. Luther extols the Duke’s piety at the beginning of the work.

  32. Our author exults over this find, which he extols as miraculous, and asserts to be the "greatest relic .

  33. Medina extols the magnificence of the churches in Manila, and the liberality displayed by the faithful in adorning them.

  34. If the Buddhist tradition quoted extols and consecrates the descent and usurpation of Chandragupta, this must be rather due to the services his grandson rendered the believers in Buddha than to any merits of his own in that respect.

  35. The first extols the benefits of the Yoga method; but it also adds that action should be supplemented to Yoga for the speediest attainment of beatification.

  36. Another ideal of life which has too exclusive emphasis in this land is that which is denominated quietism--an ideal which extols the passive virtues as distinguished from the manly, aggressive ones.

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