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Example sentences for "extorting"

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extolled; extolling; extols; extort; extorted; extortion; extortionate; extortioner; extortioners; extortions
  1. The inventions were endless which arbitrary power might employ for the extorting of money, while the people imagined that their property was secured by the crown's being debarred from imposing taxes.

  2. At length he took his leave, first extorting from me a promise that I would honour the ball of the following evening with my presence.

  3. Had a woman of Madame de Maintenon's talents lived at a later period, Molinistes and Jansenistes would hardly have succeeded in extorting a smile of contempt from her; but in her time it was otherwise.

  4. The act or practice of extorting or exacting by oppressive injustice; exorbitant greediness of gain.

  5. I accuse you of devising an infamous falsehood for the purpose of extorting money.

  6. They are delighted to seize any pretext for extorting a tip!

  7. They love extorting money from people who happen to be travelling through here.

  8. You know your power over her, and aim at extorting from compassion for my child what--But why do I exchange a word with you?

  9. You forbid me to write to you; but I cannot forbear as long as there is hope of extorting from you the cause of your aversion to my friend.

  10. Was not there some rumour about your extorting money from a tenant a year or two ago, by threats of accusing him of passing a forged note?

  11. At last he declared that he knew nothing of the stolen child, and that he had only written the letter in the hope of extorting money from the father.

  12. When he was in the Milanese, about 1515, there was a disturbance caused by their secretly extorting large sums from women of noble birth, whose husbands at length discovered it, and the inquisitors were glad to escape with their lives.

  13. It was only after a confession had been extorted from him, or the inquisitor despaired of extorting one, that he was furnished with the evidence against him, and even then the names of the witnesses were habitually suppressed.

  14. O'Donnell was fertile also in inventing new taxes and new methods of extorting money, which of course brought him into high favor at court.

  15. The grant was obtained, whereupon the contractors came into their own, and commenced extorting large and valuable fees to which they were not entitled.

  16. More than this, they tend greatly to prolong the conflict and add immeasurably to the terrible toll of life and treasure which the War is extorting from all the nations who have the misfortune to be engaged in it.

  17. Mr. Hastings declares that they were not seized for the purpose of extorting money, but that they were seized in order to be punished for their crimes, and, eo nomine, for this crime of rebellion.

  18. Your Lordships are now fully in possession of all the facts upon which we charge the prisoner with peculation, by extorting or receiving large sums of money, upon pretence of visits, or in compensation of entertainments.

  19. But instead of any proof of such facts, Mr. Hastings simply says, "We do not arrest them for the purpose of extorting money, but as a punishment for their crimes.

  20. Seven years before, TheramenĂªs had carried, in conjunction with Antiphon and Phrynichus, a similar motion for the installation of the Four Hundred; extorting acquiescence by domestic terrorism as well as by multiplied assassinations.

  21. She was now told, that, as a person refractory, and disobedient to the laws of her country, she must go to prison, where the means of extorting her withholden testimony would be more in the power of the crown officials.

  22. Margaret's answers were still of an evasive character, and her examinators left her, stating that they would visit her again, and use some other means of extorting the truth.

  23. Lucy's extreme surprise extorting the monosyllable from her reserve, even a little louder than from the rest.

  24. I was not favourably received, extorting a grunt in reply, that any one could understand denoted dissent.

  25. Never was the "people" really united by any common home interest beyond the need of extorting some privileges.

  26. There was no reason why it should have been, even if the Longobard kings had been inclined to use it as a means of extorting taxation; for in the last ages of the Empire it had become detestable to the upper citizens themselves.

  27. We must therefore conclude that he allowed the antagonists of the Concordat to make this treacherous onset, with the intention of extorting every possible demand from the dazed and bewildered Cardinal.

  28. He is invested with the whole command of the country, while the sovereign is unable to control him, or to prevent his extorting from the people whatever he pleases.

  29. Will you permit, that, for the purpose of extorting money, a Governor shall hold out the terrible threat of delivering a tributary prince and his people, bound hand and foot, into the power of their perfidious enemies?

  30. He cannot pay his guards, without plundering the temples, extorting perpetual contributions from the people, and grinding them down by severe oppression and suffering.

  31. If this last opinion be granted, Glaukon argues that Justice would indeed be good for weak and middling agents, but not for men of power and energy, who had a good chance of extorting the benefit without paying the antecedent price.

  32. He further tells of the Pennsylvania Railroad subsequently extorting millions of dollars from the public treasury on the ground that the destruction of these cars resulted from riot.

  33. It disclosed, at great length, how the railroads in their schedule of freight rates were extorting from the Government fifty per cent.

  34. The Saxon Chronicle says, he omitted no opportunity of extorting money from his subjects upon the slightest pretext, and speaks of it as a thing of course[75].

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