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Example sentences for "extirpation"

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  1. The pope issued a decree offering the entire pardon of all sins to those who should engage in this holy war for the extirpation of the doctrines of the reformers.

  2. He then moved vigorously for the extirpation of the Protestant religion.

  3. He now deemed himself omnipotent, and with wild ambition contemplated the utter extirpation of Protestantism, and the subjugation of nearly all of Europe to his sway.

  4. The most that he could do was to correct the impression that the massacre was only a part of a more general plan for the extirpation of Protestantism everywhere.

  5. Conference, rumored, between Roman Catholic princes, for the extirpation of heresy, ii.

  6. Margaret herself had been purposely kept in ignorance of the plan for the extirpation of the Protestants.

  7. There remains (for the Jacobins) to crush out what is left of this laborious and nutritive fiber; the remnant of useful energy has to be destroyed down to its extirpation among the people.

  8. We are its guardians, its champions, its ministers, and never did the servants of truth apply force with such minute detail and such effect to the extirpation of error.

  9. The Vaudois had made every submission short of going to mass; but all was in vain, as their extirpation had been determined on by a branch of the inquisition established at Turin in the year 1650.

  10. By the treaty of Cambresis, 1559, the kings of France and Spain bound themselves anew to the extirpation of heresy.

  11. Dwelling, however, even in thought, on the neglect of our parents can only lead to vain murmurings and complainings, and prevent the concentration of all our energies and interest upon the extirpation of the dangerous root of evil.

  12. Recently Charles Ballance has suggested the adoption of the Hartley-Krause route for extirpation of the Gasserian ganglion, and says he has found the operation easy and effectual.

  13. These operations may consist in partial or complete opening of the semicircular canals, or of the vestibule, or in removal of the cochlea, or complete extirpation of the labyrinth.

  14. The number of cases reported in England is too small to be of value, chiefly because thyrotomy or total extirpation has been considered better.

  15. If the tinnitus be unbearable and all other measures have failed to cure it, the question of extirpation of the cochlea, in order to destroy the nerve-terminals, may be discussed.

  16. Uterus bicornis unicollis with a Myoma in the Left Horn; Subtotal Extirpation of the Left Horn.

  17. Complete extirpation of the ulcerative lesions has been successful, but curetting does not always prevent their recurrence.

  18. Mayo's operation consists of the total extirpation of the internal saphenous vein from the saphenous opening to the internal malleolus.

  19. Civil war again broke out, and the Catholics formed the famous Holy League, under the leadership of Henry of Guise, for the advancement of their interests and the extirpation of heresy.

  20. He then and there determined to devote his life to the extirpation of heresy.

  21. The absence of definition in cancerous tumours explains the difficulty of completely removing them by surgical measures, and has led to the practice of complete extirpation of cancerous organs wherever this is possible.

  22. Extirpation of the sac is difficult and dangerous, especially when the aneurysm has spread into the pelvis.

  23. Extirpation of the Sac--The Old Operation.

  24. Extirpation of the sac is the operation of choice, but, if this is impracticable, ligation of the third part of the subclavian may be had recourse to.

  25. Extirpation of the sac is probably the best method of treatment, especially in those of traumatic origin.

  26. Mr. Jefferson considered the appeal of Logan to the white race, after the extirpation of his family, as without a parallel; and it has been imitated in vain, by distinguished poets and orators.

  27. And the most holy Patrick applied all his diligence unto the extirpation of this three-fold plague; and at length by his salutary doctrine and fervent prayer he relieved Hibernia of the increasing mischief.

  28. A plea for the extirpation of slavery was well-nigh the last that he ever urged upon the people of his state after all that was possible of honor had been conferred upon him by their approving will.

  29. At the North the radical abolitionists saw and welcomed in that event an opportunity to use the whole power of the Federal Government for the final extirpation of African slavery.

  30. It was ready to join in any effort that might help toward the extirpation of slavery, but its avowed purpose was not to assail slavery where that institution legally existed, but to prevent its extension to any new lands.

  31. The conquest of the land of Canaan, and the extirpation of the unsuspecting natives, they were at a loss how to reconcile with the common notions of humanity and justice.

  32. With the closing of the Council of Trent, the representatives of the ultra-Catholic powers, notably Spain and Savoy, intimated to Charles IX that their sovereigns would assist him in the extirpation of heresy in France.

  33. But with Philip the extirpation of heresy was a question of conscience.

  34. There is no evidence at the Vatican of any Catholic or papal league for the extirpation of the Protestants.

  35. The bull warmly exhorted the extirpation of heresy.

  36. If the war could not inspire a consecration of life and a crusade for the extirpation of pain, what other spur can avail to rouse this somnolent collective conscience?

  37. To the Romans the ocean remained an object of terror rather than of curiosity; the whole extent of the Mediterranean, after the destruction of Carthage, and the extirpation of the pirates, was included within their provinces.

  38. Indeed, at this very time, as stated above, Hideyoshi took a step which plainly showed that he valued the continuance of trade much more highly than the extirpation of Christianity.

  39. This cavity, left by the extirpation of the cartilage, must be thoroughly dressed with iodoform or chinosol, or with Bayer's iodoform in ether.

  40. The Catholics drew the sword for the extirpation of heresy; the Protestants grasped their arms to defend themselves.

  41. Facts prove beyond a doubt, that the extirpation of Judaism was not the real cause, but the mere pretext, for the establishment of the Inquisition by Ferdinand V.

  42. But in 1540 it was recognized that "to enterprise the whole extirpation and total destruction of all the Irishmen in the land would be a marvellous gumptious charge and great difficulty.

  43. The first, as a captive and a rival of the victorious Duke of Guise, had personal reasons for desiring peace; the latter urged Henry to devote his attention to the extirpation of heresy.

  44. The triumph of the first would, there can be little doubt, have led to the extirpation of heresy, and the establishment of autocratical rule, both ecclesiastical and civil.

  45. He devotes himself to the extirpation of | Protestantism.

  46. Nor did the Holy Office confine itself to the extirpation of heresy, or to the vigorous control of the clergy.

  47. After that date, measures were to be taken for the extirpation of their sect.

  48. Charles realised that he was gaining nothing by keeping Clement in captivity; he earnestly wished to make peace with him, and to proceed to the extirpation of heresy.

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