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Example sentences for "farrago"

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  1. Going nearer, I found inscribed under this burlesque figure a farrago of false thought and nonsense.

  2. The farrago in question is in verse, and represents Shakspeare and Garrick as "twin stars," who as long as time shall last are to "irradiate earth with a beam divine.

  3. It is by no means an easy language to pick up--it is not a farrago of bad words and broken phrases, but is a definite structure, has a great peculiarity in its verb forms, and employs no genders.

  4. Johnson did of such a farrago of highflown sentiment clothed in the most turgid language.

  5. These specimens, though brief, will prove that the spirit of the religion of ancient India and Egypt was not that farrago of mental prostration which some have imagined.

  6. He then went on to denounce the successful essay as "a farrago of anachronisms and historical falsehoods.

  7. The absence of form in this farrago made it possible for certain portions to be imitated.

  8. Professor Farrago came down to the shore as I landed, and I walked ahead to meet him.

  9. But Professor Farrago refused to resign unless your position was assured, subject, of course, to your good behavior.

  10. My telegrams to Professor Farrago were brief.

  11. As I took my leave Professor Farrago came to the door of the temporary, wooden office and handed me the letter written by the man Halyard.

  12. Inside the cage Professor Farrago was seated, his spectacled eyes fixed on the row of pies.

  13. I had never before seen Professor Farrago laugh such a care-free laugh; I had never suspected him of harboring even an embryo of the social graces.

  14. Speaking of tears," I observed, "somebody is likely to shed a number when Professor Farrago is picked up.

  15. I believe now that Professor Farrago perfectly interpreted my thoughts, but he betrayed neither resentment nor impatience.

  16. He took it and shook it in manly fashion, saying: "I consider Professor Farrago a very brave man; I may say the same of any man who volunteers to accompany him.

  17. Professor Farrago said they were not for us to eat," she said, dusting each pie with powdered sugar.

  18. But I was not shocked; on the contrary, I was conscious that the same strange hope that Professor Farrago cherished was beginning, in spite of me, to stir my pulses, too.

  19. And in a few minutes Miss Barrison, sleeves rolled up and pink apron pinned under her chin, was busily engaged in rolling pie-crust, while Professor Farrago measured out spices and set the dried apples to soak.

  20. All the daily life of Rome shall be my theme': quidquid agunt homines votum timor ira voluptas gaudia discursus nostri est farrago libelli.

  21. He might have said, with even greater truth than Juvenal, 'quidquid agunt homines, nostri est farrago libelli.

  22. Then it was a farrago of lies you told me about your adventures in the western mountains?

  23. Here he launched into an amazing farrago of scientific terms, in which the names of great thinkers and scientists were mingled at random.

  24. The presence of strangers moved Mr Napper to talk his farrago of philosophical nonsense.

  25. A citizen of yours has conveyed to you the book of Servetus and that farrago which you asked for.

  26. After that came a farrago of Chinese, so like the voice of Ah Moy, that again, though for the last time, Michael sought about the steerage for the utterer.

  27. And it would seem to Michael that on one side, clinging to him, Cocky talked farrago in his ear, and on the other side Sara clung to him and chattered an interminable and incommunicable tale.

  28. You know this is a mere farrago that you have conjured up.

  29. It requires neither great knowledge nor ingenuity to discover, that this book is an unconnected farrago put together by some unknown person.

  30. Hence he read through the farrago with only one very strong desire--to kick Raffles neck and crop out of the stable.

  31. If that strange farrago be employed by Mr. Locket of Manchester, for softening his dies and mills, it deserves consideration.

  32. ONE OVER I Professor Farrago had remarked to me that morning: "The city of New York always reminds me of a slovenly, fat woman with her dress unbuttoned behind.

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