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  1. The astute forger, knowing that figurines were found in Japanese kitchen middens, knowing it before Y.

  2. Schliemann thought that the many figurines of clay, in Troy, were meant for Hera and Athene.

  3. Some of the prehistoric figurines of human beings from Egypt are studded with "cups," cupules, ecuelles, or whatever we may be permitted to name them.

  4. What is the meaning, if meaning there be, of the broken figurines or stone "dolls"?

  5. Nobody knows, but every one not wholly ignorant sees the absurdity of speaking of figurines as "totems"; of course the term is not Dr.

  6. Stated without this elegant irony, my opinion is that the parallelism of the figurines and grotesque stone faces of Villa d'Aguiar and of Clyde rather tends to suggest the genuineness of both sets of objects.

  7. Munro does not dispute the genuine character of many strange figurines in flint, from Volosova, though the redoubtable M.

  8. I add that it discloses the hand of one not at all ignorant of genuine prehistoric figurines representing women.

  9. He speaks of figurines of clay (the most usual material) in Carniola, Bosnia, and Transylvania.

  10. Reinach's vast collection of designs of such figurines in L'Anthropologie, vol.

  11. In place of the statuettes and funerary divinities of later times are found rude figurines of animals cut in green schists.

  12. Indeed, certain Jomon figurines could pass as works of Picasso or Miro.

  13. The few figurines created retained little of the sophisticated Jomon abstraction.

  14. Evans to influence from the Cyclades, which at this time also gave to Crete the idea of the flat, banjo-shaped human figurines which are characteristic of the early deposits of Melos and Amorgos.

  15. In the caves or "fetish shrines" of Crete have been found rude figurines of the Mother and the Child, and it is probable that the pathetically crude bronze statuettes here illustrated represent the austere wielder of the wand of doom.

  16. Among the Phœnician statuettes which may be referred to Greek archaic art there are figurines of Aphrodite standing upright, clothed in a long tunic, the folds of which the goddess grasps in one hand, while she holds a pigeon in the other.

  17. The most ancient of the Cypriote figurines follow oriental and Asiatic traditions.

  18. The chronological position of these figurines is, however, difficult to determine, but they seem to us to be, perhaps, contemporary with Nebuchadnezzar.

  19. This series of figurines is chronologically terminated by the statuettes of the Achæmenid or Parthian epoch, modelled of the same clay, but showing all the characteristics of decadence.

  20. Cypriote figurines are so numerous, however, that they can be arranged in a scale so as to mark without gaps the gradual stages in the progress of the art.

  21. But we should not forget the figurines of terra cotta, a genre sculpture, representing men and women in the acts and attitudes of daily life, at work and at play.

  22. The usual small size of the terra cotta figurines among the Greeks was appropriate for the genre subjects which they so frequently represented, and an Aphrodite in this material is rather the Earthly than the Heavenly Love.

  23. The character of these figurines varied naturally with each religious center, and even in the same center modifications were introduced.

  24. The figurines and cones, and also (though to a smaller degree) the copper statuettes, thus introduce us to the popular phases of the cult.

  25. At Nippur, the images represent chiefly Bel and Belit,[1522] either separately or in combination; but figurines of Ishtar have also been found.

  26. He himself polished Venetian glass for mirrors, or cut pieces of it into facets, setting them in copper frames ornamented with wooden figurines representing personages from history or fable, from the Bible or the Testament.

  27. He was supposed to go there to draw the designs, arabesques, and figurines for his jewelry and the frames of his glasses; but he passed his days and sleepless nights there, wearing himself out in the pursuit of his invention.

  28. Her slenderness, with lines erect and harmonious, reminded him of the elegance of the Tanagra figurines on the tables of the hetaerae of Athens; of the imperious virility of the canephorae painted in black around Greek vases.

  29. The treatment, however, is extremely rude and conventional, the features having the peculiar squirrel-like character shown in the figurines already given.

  30. These figurines are confined to the alligator group of ware and are quite numerous.

  31. If the evidence of the figurines is to be accepted, a steatopygous race was at this time in existence, which Sollas is inclined to connect with the Bushmen[47].

  32. To hasten accomplishment, figurines of wax were made representing Urban and were melted.

  33. It is with this kind of dancing that we should probably associate the terracotta figurines (fig.

  34. In Case 106 note the series of lead figurines (modelled on both sides).

  35. Very similar figurines have been discovered near Sparta, on the site of the Menelaon, and more recently on the site of the temple of Artemis Orthia by members of the British School at Athens.

  36. Win, pale and absent-minded (but that might be the heat), was giving the finishing touches to a cloaked group of figurines when a letter was brought to her by a messenger boy.

  37. She must make short shrift with the figurines and be ready to help Sadie before strenuous life began.

  38. The urn was filled to the top with small crudely executed pottery figurines of men and animals.

  39. The significance of these figurines appears to be somewhat obscure.

  40. On the whole it seems probable that these figurines were merely votive offerings to the gods, buried with the dead.

  41. Figurines of animals with human heads projecting from their widely opened jaws are common in this area.

  42. This is by far the largest and most carefully modeled of the pottery figurines found at Santa Rita, the smallest detail having received careful attention, and the scales, claws, and teeth being separately and accurately formed.

  43. These correspond almost exactly with some of the figurines found.

  44. Figurines: rude clay and stone figurines are likely to occur, but have as yet been found very rarely in Neolithic strata.

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