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Example sentences for "fomenting"

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  1. It has been falsely alleged that the King left Mittau for the purpose of fomenting fresh troubles in France.

  2. He accused the prince of fomenting troubles which he felt himself powerless to repress.

  3. P├ętion enjoyed the highest esteem of the anarchists, but his official legality excused him from openly fomenting the disorder, which it was sufficient that he desired.

  4. He did not betray the king, and always preserved a deep feeling of pity and sympathy for the queen; with an intense love for philosophy and liberty, instead of fomenting them by sedition, he defended them by war.

  5. Daniel Greathouse lived in the vicinity--a cruel, bloodthirsty fellow, who served Connolly as a local agent in fomenting hatred of Indians.

  6. Read any of the radical papers and you will be convinced that the "Red" rebels now place the greatest hopes for their rise to power in the strikes they are fomenting wherever and whenever an opportunity is offered.

  7. Not long after this, Marx and Engels returned to Germany, and were instrumental in fomenting a revolution in the Rhine Province in 1849.

  8. The women who come with these ambassadors will assist in fomenting factions amongst ours, which cannot fail of extending the evil.

  9. They are exciting and fomenting civil war.

  10. I believe, they are desirous of fomenting disturbances, and forming a conspiracy, rather against my throne, than against my life.

  11. In this case the fomenting flannels should be put in a towel, by which means they may be wrung out without being handled by the nurse, and may be applied far hotter than can be done by any other method.

  12. The treatment consists in fomenting the udder and applying poultices of spent hops, giving laxative and saline medicines, and in drawing off the milk with a teat-syphon.

  13. The pain may generally be relieved by throwing warm water into the ear by means of a syringe, and fomenting the surrounding parts with decoction of poppy-heads and chamomile flowers.

  14. On fomenting his head with warm water for an hour these symptoms of stupor were greatly lessened, and his oppressed breathing gradually ceased, and he recovered in one day.

  15. Sometimes a stupor comes on instead of this delirium, which is relieved by fomenting the shaved head for an hour or two.

  16. Garrison and his followers had used language which gave rise to the impression that they favored violent revolution and were not averse to fomenting servile insurrection.

  17. Northern Whigs accused the Democrats of fomenting a war with Mexico with the intention of gaining territory for the purpose of extending slavery.

  18. The Mahdi himself, though he did not venture to leave the shelter of the Gheddeer hills, occupied himself in fomenting the rebellion by his emissaries and adherents.

  19. But they did not succeed in fomenting the slightest disturbance; the Brussels public was too firmly determined to preserve its dignity and its tranquillity.

  20. But the Germans had not yet given up the idea of fomenting conflicts among us.

  21. The main principle underlying his plan of campaign was the fomenting of industrial disorders.

  22. Simultaneously with the Parthian demands and threats intelligence reached him that the subjects of Artabanus were greatly dissatisfied with his rule, and that it would be easy by fomenting the discontent to bring about a revolution.

  23. His appeal for an expedition against the Turks finding no response outside of Italy, his love of strife found gratification in fomenting internal animosities among the Italian states.

  24. Dumba was fomenting strikes in the United States and conducting other intrigues.

  25. They were afraid the English people wouldn't believe it and would accuse them of fomenting war.

  26. Those who wore canonicals and those who wore regimentals were equally industrious in fomenting dissatisfaction.

  27. Herbert, feeling himself no longer secure in the castle, had recourse to the old manoeuvre of fomenting divisions, but with no better success.

  28. There he was detected in fomenting a mutiny among the convicts and slaves.

  29. In North Carolina also, governor Martin was charged with fomenting a civil war, and exciting an insurrection among the negroes.

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