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Example sentences for "gangers"

Lexicographically close words:
ganders; gandher; gane; gang; ganger; ganging; gangland; ganglia; gangling; ganglion
  1. John McCook came close to Bryde McBride, and pointed to the very place where the gangers were lying waiting.

  2. I had that in my head," says Dan, "for the gangers are in the Cove at Bealach an sgadan, and McGilp will be in the Channel.

  3. We had crossed a high road, and entered the belting of trees again, and along this road the gangers would come, and our spoor was written plain.

  4. Gilchrist, who was now the head of the gangers and preventives, turned on his pillow after Dol Beag had crept out.

  5. Well, I'm hoping the gangers have paid him well by this time, for I am thinking he will not enjoy it long.

  6. One of my gangers made a false end for a tape.

  7. Over the ganger is the inspector of permanent way, responsible for the gangers doing their duty, who generally goes over all his district once a day on the engine, and walks one or more gangers' beats.

  8. Occasionally, idle gangers are met with, who are always asking for more men, and as naturally meeting with refusal.

  9. Into the sad story which has brought about this social wreck it is no business of mine to enter, though to the friendly dock police and to the gangers the baronet is ready enough to tell it.

  10. The gangers are getting into the rostrums--two tea ships have come in, and a large number of men will be required.

  11. The gangers were at work on the business of bridging the Kat River and laying the railway line across Jackalsfontein.

  12. These were usually the hours when the gangers were at work with dynamite.

  13. Some trolley loads of machinery had just come in, and the gangers were swarming over them like ants; pulling at and handing down sleepers, rails, and great steel girders.

  14. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gangers" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.