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Example sentences for "gangling"

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ganger; gangers; ganging; gangland; ganglia; ganglion; ganglionic; ganglions; gangplank; gangrel
  1. There were six men and seven women besides himself, and the rest were children, from gangling adolescents to one babe in arms.

  2. The two gangling boys, jabbering at each other, raced back once more.

  3. Only the two gangling boys tried to break off a furry leg with which to charge and terrify the younger ones still further.

  4. The gangling doctor took two turns of the office with enormous strides; one hand tugged at his straggling goatee.

  5. The gangling form crumpled up as if cut off at the knees.

  6. The Doc spurred his long legs into a gangling run to overtake the Indian, who had plodded on unheeding.

  7. The gangling Leggy aimed a parting swing at him with the long-tailed spoon, and missed.

  8. He and Blackie, as well as three other culprits, were chopping wood behind the camp kitchen with the supervision and assistance of Jim Avery, a tall, gangling councilor who was a specialist in woodcraft and bird-study.

  9. He pushed roughly past the big gangling lunatic and hurried Augusta along.

  10. Wardwell, who had been gangling about, amused, and yet feeling somewhat left out of the picture, suddenly found himself pierced by the angriest pair of blue eyes he had ever seen.

  11. The constable's gangling body strove in vain to hold any semblance of balance.

  12. And, as ever toward the feeble, his big nature went out in friendly protection to this gangling wisp of impishness.

  13. Through the veils of flying dust he made out some one, and a moment later identified not Tump Pack, but the gangling form of Jim Pink Staggs, clad in a dark-blue sack-coat and white flannel trousers with pin stripes.

  14. Come here, Rufie," said Billson, beckoning to the gangling youth.

  15. Johnny, who was a sturdy little fellow of three, had been brought to-day to see his uncle by his gangling big brother, Rufe Doyle.

  16. Tall, gangling Boris gave her no trouble, turned his back when she undressed for the evening, even though she was careful to slip under the covers first.

  17. King Charles was a little chestnut, one of those long fellows that stretch like rubber when they commence running; Miss Lazy was a gangling bay.

  18. The horse wheeled, stepping as clumsily as a gangling yearling.

  19. Usually the gangling young Ed Bailey brought it over in the crotchety flivver.

  20. The gangling youth for the first time showed an intelligent interest in anything outside of his cigarette.

  21. What had been its gangling body drifted up in inky smoke.

  22. At a piping cry from the leader, several of the gangling figures picked them up in reedy arms and began to walk across the square, away from the ship.

  23. Heading the procession was the immensely tall, gangling Rogan leader, clutching Greca by the wrist and dragging her indifferently along to be his mouthpiece.

  24. Twice that door had been opened, and twice she had directed the death rays into its opening to mow down the gangling figures behind it.

  25. The tall Rogan teetered up to the prisoners on his gangling legs, and stared icily at them.

  26. Unlike the trained cow-ponies from Bill Edwards' corral, this gangling creature did not know, of himself, what to do in the emergency.

  27. The wicked little black steer was almost upon the gangling Eastern horse ere Frances stretched forward and let the loop go.

  28. Perhaps the evidence of this gun so prominently displayed had saved the gangling clerk from much hectoring comment that he might otherwise have suffered from some of the patrons of the Three Star.

  29. Smithy, Judson's gangling young clerk, was the most noticeable member of the new group.

  30. He had to speak to Smithy, or to the circumambient air, for nobody but the gangling clerk was within hearing.

  31. Smithy, his gangling clerk, coming outside to stretch and yawn.

  32. Besides, the gangling one put forward an unmistakably pregnant fact.

  33. That's just it," complained the gangling Smithy.

  34. It seemed to him--outside and apart from this incredibly violent new self of Ben Cory--that his only impulse was to discover whether he could lift that gangling weight.

  35. All the same, it was unmistakable relief when Mistress Gundy pottered back, ahead of a gangling servant with the drinks.

  36. Polly would be happier and get more from life as the wife of big gangling Henry Peters, than she would as a millionaire's daughter.

  37. Just as I think you're going to make something of yourself, and be of some use, you begin mooning in the direction of that big, gangling Hank Peters.

  38. He had expected to meet a weak-faced, bony-necked, shock-headed type of gangling youngster such as ranged the Kentucky hills in his own boyhood.

  39. Last week this gangling strip of a youngster was nothing but a boy, fetching and carrying in Isom Chase's barn-yard.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gangling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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