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Example sentences for "garrotted"

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  1. On being delivered to the magistrate two of them weakened, while three persisted in their faith, yet they were all garrotted before burning.

  2. The two men and the elder of the women succumbed at the last, professed conversion and were garrotted and burnt.

  3. This could not be permitted, and the deputy assistente sentenced him to be garrotted and burnt, and his ashes scattered as usual.

  4. Cazalla and other Protestants suffered, there were fourteen relaxed in person, of whom only one, the Bachiller Herrezuelo, is characterized as a pertinacious heretic and consequently burnt alive, the rest being garrotted as repentant converts.

  5. In the relations it is not always stated distinctly whether the victim was burned alive or garrotted but, from the details given, the estimate cannot be far wrong that not over thirteen, or about one in six, endured the severer punishment.

  6. The indifference exhibited by the garrotted man getting up to adjust his chair is probably common amongst criminals of his type.

  7. Mr. Sydney Smith, the vice-consul, informed me that a criminal was to be garrotted on the following morning; and asked me whether I cared to look over the prison and see the man in his cell that afternoon.

  8. Garrotted in good faith I was in the Plaza of Salamanca, as this gentleman says," he remarked with great coolness.

  9. For with these eyes I saw him garrotted in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca!

  10. Jose Burgos--were garrotted in Bagumbayan on the 28th February.

  11. And so the new Cabinet Minister has been garrotted in the street.

  12. I must say, if he was to be garrotted I should like to have been there to see it.

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