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Example sentences for "hallo"

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halleluiah; hallelujahs; halliard; halliards; hallmark; halloa; halloed; halloo; hallooed; hallooing
  1. I hear 480 Some far-off hallo break the silent air.

  2. I cannot hallo to my brothers, but Such noise as I can make to be heard farthest I'll venture; for my new-enlivened spirits Prompt me, and they perhaps are not far off.

  3. Three times they say, in a low tone, "Hallo Large!

  4. Now we join in song With our voices strong, And our hearts are high With our good supply, We merry, merry reapers joyful come To shout and sing our happy Harvest-Home, Hallo Large!

  5. Hallo for the wind to change, for with this nor'-easter blowing we'll never get clear of the coast.

  6. Straightway he passed into his own cabin, and made fast the door; which seeing, and knowing that what he had said, that would he perform, the knaves began to whoop and hallo for quarter.

  7. I hear Some far-off hallo break the silent air.

  8. Now and then she would stop to listen or would hallo in her sweet, anxious voice, "Stanley!

  9. We won't hallo until we are out of the wood," replied the Chief.

  10. Don't hallo till we're out of the wood, as the Chief would say.

  11. If Hallo was in a bad way, he had himself to thank for it.

  12. And when we learned that you had gone, we suspected that Hallo had had some part in it, for by then I had been told that he had escaped after they had caught him.

  13. Then, right away after that, Mike Hallo said the business began to go wrong and lost money.

  14. There were all sorts of things to be learned there, and a lot was made easy for me because Hallo and others didn't think, I suppose, that I would know what certain papers and estimates meant.

  15. A few explanations then, and Steve reluctantly turned over the boat he had guided so well to another, while he and Dick, with Hallo and one of the other men who had come with them, tumbled into a military automobile that was waiting.

  16. Now he caught a glimpse of the spy, and then he drew back, as he saw that both Hallo and the other man had come very close to him.

  17. Hallo had the pistol, and he was in as absolute command as Dick had been while he still held it.

  18. This spy told him that you were the most dangerous of all--and Hallo said he didn't believe there was any such person as Stepan Dushan!

  19. This was comforting reasoning for Dick, because it made it vastly improbable that Hallo would come out to look for him.

  20. That will be good," Stepan nodded, "unless Hallo has warned them.

  21. It trembled, gave, and then crashed down, bearing Hallo and the spy down beneath its crushing weight, sending them down, stunned and helpless.

  22. Yes, I could kill you easily enough," Hallo repeated.

  23. He had to be far enough behind to make it impossible for Hallo to learn of his pursuit by stopping suddenly, or making a quick turn.

  24. My boy, I'm not so sure that you won't be able to give Hallo a bad time, after all!

  25. Hallo had played his last card--and lost.

  26. I cannot hallo to my brothers, but Such noise as I can make to be heard farthest I'll venture; for my new enlivened spirits Prompt me, and they perhaps are not far off.

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