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Example sentences for "headmastership"

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  1. During Mr. Style's Headmastership Athletics also became a permanent part of the School life.

  2. In 1619 the term of Christopher Shute's Headmastership drew to a close.

  3. The unity of the School was much increased, the Hostel had no special privileges and at the close of his Headmastership the six years had witnessed a steady growth in the effectiveness of the School.

  4. The subsequent prosperity of the School owed much of its swift development to the Headmastership of Mr. Blakiston, and it is a grateful task to record it.

  5. He remained Vicar for sixty-four years till his death and combined the living with the Headmastership of Giggleswick and for twenty years with a Curacy at the Parish Church.

  6. But one of the most important events of Mr. Vaughan's Headmastership was the foundation in 1906 of the Giggleswick Boys' Club in Leeds.

  7. Ingram was an energetic man at the beginning of his Headmastership and supported by an able Governing Body and a growing revenue, he had wished to enlarge the numbers of the School and to increase its efficiency.

  8. Butterton's Headmastership cannot be dismissed without a reference to certain customs that were prevalent in his time.

  9. During his Headmastership everyone connected with the School seemed to gain a closer and more personal interest in its fortunes.

  10. During his headmastership its reputation greatly increased, and in the standard of its scholarship it stood as high as any other public school in England.

  11. In 1667, after taking orders, he was appointed by Roger Boyle, first Lord Orrery, to the headmastership of a school recently established by that nobleman at Charleville, Co.

  12. The hunting and breaking up of hares then, as now, was one of the recognized pastimes; indeed, even as late as the headmastership of Dr.

  13. Balston in the headmastership of Eton in 1868.

  14. During the sixteen years of his headmastership Dr.

  15. Warre’s successor in the headmastership of Eton, it was thought probable that his notorious humanitarian sympathies would lead him to the desired reform; but these expectations proved to be too sanguine.

  16. Warre has stated, in a legal and “sportsmanlike” manner, this certainly was not the case at a period no more remote than the headmastership of Dr.

  17. In the earlier years of his headmastership Dr.

  18. Arnold IN 1827 the headmastership of Rugby School fell vacant, and it became necessary for the twelve trustees, noblemen and gentlemen of Warwickshire, to appoint a successor to the post.

  19. In after life he always cherished a strong Wykehamist feeling, and, during his headmastership at Rugby, often recurred to his knowledge there first acquired, of the peculiar constitution of a public school.

  20. Friends had long been urging him to seek a larger sphere of usefulness; and when, in August, 1827, the headmastership of Rugby became vacant, he applied for the post.

  21. As all the world knows, his succession to the Headmastership was regarded by everyone as assured, and he was, naturally and properly, full of the great task which he believed was before him.

  22. Horbury had no doubt that the Headmastership would be his; he had influential friends who assured him that the trustees would not hesitate for an instant.

  23. Soon afterwards the headmastership of Codrington College fell vacant, and Dr.

  24. Tancock, it was announced, had resigned the headmastership of King Edward VI.

  25. He was one of the mathematical tutors at Norwich Free Grammar School during the headmastership of the Rev.

  26. Mr. Davie was closely identified with educational work in the diocese, and was a candidate for the headmastership of Norwich Grammar School in opposition to the Rev.

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