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Example sentences for "highs"

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highmost; highnes; highnesse; highroad; highroads; hight; highte; highth; hights; highway
  1. The bird consented; so it took him up again and flew on with him seven nights and eight days, till it set him down on the top of a high hill Karmus highs and left him there saying, 'I know of no land behind this hill.

  2. FN#323] And Gharib I'm highs of my tribe the brave * And if few my men I feel naught affright.

  3. So a cavalier took horse and riding off, returned after a while, and said "O King, we found under that dust an hundred horse belonging to an Emir highs Sahim al-Layl.

  4. They won from both East and West Highs during that month, and tied Keyport when that team came to the Hill to play them.

  5. Again the Central Highs rushed it, and from the foul line made another goal.

  6. Do you suppose either the East or West Highs would find Hester any more bearable if she attended them instead of Central?

  7. We have formed a new line-up for the fall series of games with East and West High, and the highs of Keyport and Lumberport.

  8. The circle of his acquaintanceship also included Kay, a clockmaker of Warrington, who had assisted Highs on several occasions in his investigations.

  9. Later on, Arkwright became acquainted with a man named Highs of Leigh, another experimenter in spinning.

  10. His right to the patent has over and over again been challenged, and it has been alleged that Thomas Highs of Leigh, also in Lancashire, was the real inventor.

  11. LOWS are often blocked by slow moving HIGHS in advance.

  12. Over the large land areas of the north temperate zone highs and lows show a tendency to travel over typical tracks, the locations of which vary a good deal with the season.

  13. Highs travel somewhat more slowly; about 540 miles a day is the average in this country.

  14. Thus highs and lows generally take rather circuitous routes in getting, eventually, to the eastward, and sometimes they break up or fade out.

  15. The reader should first fix in his mind the explanations printed at the lower left-hand corner of the map and then study the map in the light of what has been said in Chapter VIII about the circulation and movements of highs and lows.

  16. Well-developed highs are nearly always regions of clear weather and, in winter, of cold weather.

  17. The professional forecaster recognizes several types of pressure distribution other than ordinary highs and lows, and they, also, have their characteristic winds and weather.

  18. So they enquired of the traders, who replied, "Our lord the Caliph will not find a jewel such as he requireth save with a man of Bassorah, by name Abú Mohammed highs Lazybones.

  19. Persian variety of-- "The cunning man highs Sidrophil (as Will.

  20. East and West Highs were no-where from the start.

  21. It will be recalled that the trade-wind lowlands and the extra-tropical belt of highs are the great desert belts at present.

  22. The belt of highs is arid because there, too, air is being warmed, but in this case by descending from aloft.

  23. Another consideration which throws grave doubt on the anti-cyclonic hypothesis of ice sheets is the small amount of moisture possible in the highs because of their low temperature.

  24. Quoth the Head, "We are a folk who may not change their favours and we are highs Ghuls: mortals summon us to their presence, but we cannot present ourselves before them without leave.

  25. Great oceanic highs are built up over the South Atlantic and South Pacific and a permanent low occupies the center of our continent.

  26. It is on the skirts of the Canadian high that the smaller highs form which sweep over our country, giving us our cold waves.

  27. In summer a succession of these highs causes the frequent droughts of weeks which harass the West and New England.

  28. The eight-oared shell of the girls of Central High would compete with similar boats from both of the other Centerport High Schools and with boats from the Highs of Lumberport and Keyport.

  29. Central High was the new school, East and West Highs being both smaller and much older buildings.

  30. There stood in times long gone by behind the Mountains of Ispahán, a city highs the Green City, wherein dwelt a King named Suláyman Sháh.

  31. Then he questioned him of Zibl Khan highs Al-Mujahid, whereto the Wazir replied that he was well and that he had brought with him Kuzia Fakan the daughter of his brother.

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