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Example sentences for "hookers"

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  1. And I really think it was too bad of the Hookers to bring the piper to the ball, after my making such a point of his not coming to the play.

  2. Before sunrise General McClellan hurried Mansfield's corps to Hookers aid, while Sumner was ready to follow.

  3. Considerable damage was done during Monday night to many of the hookers belonging to the fishermen of Kingsand and Cawsand.

  4. The full force of the blizzard was experienced in Cawsand Bay, and ten of the hookers which had been moored up for the night were driven ashore and sunk.

  5. Midsummer day, this gallant rides from the distant Bandon's town, These hookers crossed from stormy Skull, that skiff from Affadown.

  6. It's the hookers that keep this world together, Julia, and fastened up right.

  7. Coastwise tramps an' a couple of hookers for the 'Beef Trip'.

  8. A party in this town does the same thing to these Hookers that cheese does to rats.

  9. I'd like mighty fine tew cross the pond with this here McKenzie if he's on a fast packet, but ain't he on one of those twelve-day hookers to Boston?

  10. Chopping down expenses in the miserable hookers his firm runs.

  11. She passed the heavy hookers at the quay side, left buoy after buoy behind her, bobbed cheerfully through a tide race at the stone perch, and stood out, the wind right behind her, for Rossmore Head.

  12. Two hookers lay moored, and faint spirals of smoke rose from the stove chimneys of their forecastles.

  13. Gannets are passing up and down above the sound, swooping at times after a mackerel, and further off I can see the whole fleet of hookers coming out from Kilronan for a night's fishing in the deep water to the west.

  14. The pier on this island is also a novelty, and is much thought of, as it enables the hookers that still carry turf and cattle to discharge and take their cargoes directly from the shore.

  15. Towards morning a terrible storm rose, and several hookers with their crews on board were blown from their moorings and wrecked.

  16. In the afternoon the rain continued, so I sat here in the inn looking out through the mist at a few men who were unlading hookers that had come in with turf from Connemara, and at the long-legged pigs that were playing in the surf.

  17. He went out in the hookers an' injoyed himself all to pieces, a dacent sthrip of a boy, but wid no more brains than a scalpeen (pickled mackerel).

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