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Example sentences for "hutches"

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  1. Now look here,' said the greasy owner of all this caged life with a sudden ferocity which made the whole party back hurriedly on to the wainscoting of hutches with which the shop was lined.

  2. These three councillors had looked at the room with its tapestries of green and red, its eastern carpet, its mirrors, its hutches packed full of jewels and clothes.

  3. Hutches and chests had been broken open, and rich clothes and stuffs of cloth of silver and gold had been scattered about the floor.

  4. Passengers are warned not to go between decks after dark, the steerage hutches and the crew have the freedom of that deck.

  5. This had arisen from the hutches having been placed in too close proximity before the chicks had the sense to know their respective foster-mothers.

  6. I observed that some hutches possessed a disproportionate number of inmates.

  7. The floors of hutches ought to slant a little forwards, and they ought to be always well raised off the ground.

  8. F, troughs for leading off urine from rear of hutches into the manure cellar at K, K.

  9. B, hutches three feet long, with movable partitions for the young rabbits; the two lower hutches are used for the stock bucks.

  10. The hutches stood under a long shed, open on all sides, for the greater convenience of cleaning and feeding.

  11. The hutches are furnished, at the back of the floor, with pieces of zinc, to keep them free from the drippings from above.

  12. All the preparation required is, to enclose the ground with a high and nearly close paling fence, and the erection of a few rude hutches inside, for winter shelter and the storage of their food.

  13. The hutches are 16 inches high, 3 feet long, and 2 feet deep.

  14. Hutches are made singly, or in stacks, to suit the apartment, which should be capable of thorough ventilation.

  15. The floors of the hutches have a slope of two inches back.

  16. Farther under the starboard bulwark were some big hutches containing a number of rabbits, and a solitary llama was squeezed in a mere box of a cage forward.

  17. I waded in with him, and helped him lug one of the hutches ashore.

  18. There is a vacant place in the Hutches that I could turn into an office.

  19. Augusta looked at the poor wretch and then bethought her of the proud creature she had known, raging terribly through the obsequious ranks of clerks, and carrying desolation to the Hutches and the many-headed editorial department.

  20. Twenty-three kittens and eight cats sat staring earnestly through bars of their hutches in a dead stillness.

  21. It may be that the wooden bars of the hutches were not all of the same breadth, but at any rate they were all of the same thickness: and it would be a slim cat, indeed, that would squirm through them.

  22. The rabbits could even be heard leaping in their hutches and shaking their wooden floors.

  23. Others, white ones with pale ruby eyes, and black ones with jet eyes, galloped round their hutches with playful grace.

  24. It is preferable to rest the hutches upon stands, about a foot above the ground, for the convenience of cleaning under them.

  25. Each of the hutches intended for breeding should have two rooms,--a feeding and a bed-room.

  26. Hutches are generally placed one above another to the height required by the number of rabbits and the extent of the room.

  27. See that your hutches are kept clean and dry.

  28. Clean out the hutches or pens and disinfect with any good disinfectant.

  29. These hutches are made to stack one on another to utilize small space and are kept indoors.

  30. In the spring or summer you can feed more green stuff than in the winter, in fact, we have raised them in the summer on an exclusive green food diet by moving the hutches from place to place on the lawn.

  31. There are two methods of housing usually used, namely, hutches and pens.

  32. The general cause of this latter disease is neglect of the ferrets and the hutches not being cleaned out regularly.

  33. Always have your hutches leaning from the wall, so that wet or refuse will not lodge, for when the bottom of a hutch is always wet it is liable to give the ferrets a disease called foot rot, which is very frequent where ferrets are neglected.

  34. The first necessity in ferret-keeping is that they shall be kept in hutches or "cotes," as they are commonly called.

  35. Even the rabbit hutches were stone, and the dovecot and the cuddy for the fowls.

  36. There was a high wall to inclose it along the side nearest the street, with rabbit hutches and pigeon cots tucked up under the wall.

  37. The hutches must be cleaned out thrice a week, and a manger fixed in which to put hay or clover, of which they are very fond, and which is good for them.

  38. On the floors of your hutches spread sawdust (pinewood sawdust is first-rate when it can be had), and over this some nice clean straw; and always keep in the hutch a little of one of the many disinfectants that are now manufactured.

  39. All the warmth that is necessary can be obtained by having the hutches water-tight, kept clean, and protected from the extremes of heat and cold.

  40. Then it rained, and we had to rig up our blanket hutches in record time, while our guest sped to his tent.

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