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Example sentences for "imposes"

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importunities; importunity; impose; imposed; imposer; imposing; imposingly; imposition; impositions; impossibile
  1. The different kinds of sport are for the leisure classes a substitute for productive labor which a physiological necessity imposes upon them, in order that they may escape the detrimental consequences of absolute repose and ennui.

  2. But all individuals have to live in society because a second fundamental requirement of life imposes itself upon the individual, viz.

  3. The government imposes a surtax of 30% on imports from the West Indies which greatly diminishes the commerce of the port.

  4. This inheritance imposes upon you a great responsibility.

  5. Here nature imposes even on the most universal genius a limit it cannot pass, and truth will make martyrs as long as philosophy will be reduced to make its principal occupation the search for arms against errors.

  6. We shall, perhaps, find means To reconcile the tender claims of pity With what necessity imposes on us.

  7. Power imposes only upon the sensuous being; majesty should act upon the mind itself, and rob it of its liberty.

  8. The calming grace approaches more nearly to dignity, inasmuch as it manifests itself through the moderation which it imposes upon the impetuosity of the movements.

  9. Therefore he confines himself to feeling the fetters which the latter imposes on him, without having the consciousness of the infinite emancipation which it procures for him.

  10. It requires, indeed, no ordinary degree of virtue to abstain from warring against the power which imposes a curb on our most cherished wishes.

  11. I always get even with any one who imposes on me, so you had better mind what you are about.

  12. It's my plan to get even with any fellow who imposes upon me.

  13. To attain this happy state, Mr. Brooks imposes circumspection upon the capitalists in their relations with labor.

  14. And finally he flings his challenge in the face of society, imposes a valorous boycott on all work, and joins the far-wanderers of Hoboland, the gypsy folk of this latter day.

  15. Increase of intelligence must mean greater capacity for social affection, because of the discipline it imposes on the personal affections; and for the same reason increase of the social instinct is favourable to intelligence.

  16. Her ties and virtues I will respect, her honor will relieve your apprehensions, and I know what this honor imposes on me.

  17. As to the intervals between these three solemn events, the biographer says little, and we suppose they are filled with exemplary virtues and the accomplishment of duties which human and divine law imposes upon the woman.

  18. The veteran Parmenides imposes the severance of the two, as a lesson, upon his youthful hearers Sokrates and Aristoteles.

  19. Plato here imposes upon the Rhetor, remarking that scarcely any rhetorical discourse could be produced which came up to them.

  20. The remoter cause which imposes the necessity of seeking these objects under the cover of systematic slaughter is a prescription that can not be violated except at the risk of disrepute and consequent lesion to one's self-respect.

  21. This archaic, barbarian scheme of life imposes itself also on the lower orders, with more or less mitigation.

  22. New York counts the remnant only at the polls, and ignores the penalty her indifference imposes on her own advancement.

  23. No amount of love, not even of intelligence, can save the children from the evils such division of space imposes on family life.

  24. A woman who yearns for the regard of all men, and makes love a toy, easily lessens the demands she imposes upon individuals.

  25. It cannot be otherwise; for it imposes a perpetual restraint, urges up to an unwelcome duty, and charges home a fearful guilt.

  26. It opposes his wishes; it thwarts his inclination; it imposes a restraint upon his spontaneous desires and appetites.

  27. When he reached home he found in the clear, peaceful room Marynia and Pan Ignas, she proving to the poet that when they marry, people should not look for some imagined happiness, but the duties which God imposes at that time.

  28. Yes, and to that degree, that it may be said to include all the others; for the man who stands in need of many things, imposes thereby on himself all the anxiety, and submits to all the means just or unjust of acquiring them.

  29. No other than Fifine Points toe, imposes haunch, and pleads with tambourine!

  30. In this way the transcendental enlargement of our rational cognition would be, not the cause, but merely the effect of the practical teleology which pure reason imposes upon us.

  31. Thus God and a future life are two hypotheses which, according to the principles of pure reason, are inseparable from the obligation which this reason imposes upon us.

  32. It is, however, very necessary to remark that the recognition of this imposes a great responsibility upon women.

  33. The girl is frequently the wooer, and, in certain cases, she or her mother imposes the conditions of the marriage.

  34. At present, above all, you need all your intellect and all your energy to fulfil worthily the task accident imposes on you.

  35. The strange position in which we are placed by the ill faith of the Mexicans imposes on me obligations and a line of conduct to which you can refuse to submit without disgrace.

  36. This degree of domestic servitude supposes that the end of the restraints it imposes is, to secure, on the whole, the best well-being of both parties to the relation, servant as well as master.

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