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Example sentences for "absentmindedly"

Lexicographically close words:
absenteeism; absentees; absenting; absently; absentminded; absents; absinthe; absit; absolue; absolument
  1. Charley must be your favorite brother," commented Roger, a trifle absentmindedly as he tried to define the disconcerting attraction Felicia had for him.

  2. Roger grunted absentmindedly and stored Von Minden's box in the kitchen, as Hackett drove Werner and Ernest up to the corral.

  3. Did you happen to see anything of a gentleman in a black suit an' eye-glasses, wanderin' absentmindedly about this part of the world?

  4. Absentmindedly he made up a cast of flies and spent an hour of fruitless whipping before it dawned upon him that he had been using a scarlet ibis and a white miller in a blaze of direct sunshine.

  5. As they talked they absentmindedly practised the art of withholding money from customers, a source of income to them.

  6. He was as particular as an old maid, Aurora told him, before he had been caught absentmindedly wiping paint off on his hair.

  7. Then, begged for one lump, she absentmindedly dropped in three, while talking with Starr.

  8. He came back to the table, absentmindedly drank a cup of tepid coffee, and said indignantly: "Nevertheless, you look far from well at this moment.

  9. When Big Tom was out she would walk about aimlessly and restlessly; would halt absentmindedly with her face to a wall and not seem to see it.

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