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Example sentences for "absently"

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absented; absentee; absenteeism; absentees; absenting; absentminded; absentmindedly; absents; absinthe; absit
  1. He passed a hand absently over his forehead and found it damp with strange sweat, and he was conscious of being weary in every limb as though he had concluded some extreme physical effort.

  2. Margaret found herself smiling absently at the memory of Boy Bailey making his bargain on the top of the dam wall, with his bare unbeautiful feet fidgeting in the grass.

  3. She stared absently at the blind till it came again.

  4. Well," said Ford, looking up absently when presently she walked down to him.

  5. Callista kept her profile to him and looked absently away toward the distant round of yellow Old Bald, just visible against an unclouded sky.

  6. Derf stood long, leaning on the rail fence, looking absently after the slow pacing mule in the dusty highway.

  7. He twisted the hat absently in his fingers, not yet realising the new order of things that was coming into his life.

  8. He gazed absently at the pages of his unfinished sermon as he tapped his idle pen on the desk.

  9. Jim's eyes turned absently toward the church as he sat fumbling with the lock of the little brown satchel.

  10. Mr. Jefferson's happy mood seemed suddenly to cloud over, and he spoke absently and almost as if reassuring himself.

  11. Absently he rang the stable bell, surrendered his horse, and followed a footman to the retired part of the house occupied by the railroad president.

  12. It would certainly have agitated him, the more so, that he has been much less cheerful lately, and often walks quite absently beside me.

  13. With a movement of impatience, the young woman rose, and throwing down the little blue volume of which she had been absently turning over the leaves, she went to the window and looked out.

  14. As I absently surveyed the kneeling multitude--I, the son of a rigid calvinist, of course abstained from that devout practice.

  15. It was Nancy who saw him, as she sat one morning learning a French verb, and staring meanwhile absently out of the schoolroom window.

  16. She had undone her luxuriant hair, and had put on a languishing look, and every now and then thrummed absently on her guitar, humming gently to herself as she fixed her black eyes upon him.

  17. He went absently to the window and stood there for a moment.

  18. He set down the mug, which he had been absently toying with, hard on the table, and went out.

  19. She sat with her head bent, her brows contracted, her mouth fixed and rigid, her left hand trifling absently with the scattered papers before her.

  20. She herself, the gloomy tenant of the Towers, sat with her elbow resting on her desk, looking hopelessly and absently at the confusion before her.

  21. There was a moment of silence as Loren stuck the pistol absently into the waist of his ragged cloth covering, beside the knife.

  22. Loren reached out absently and touched the brown and yellow neck of the creature.

  23. This was not the least true, but Agatha answered, either absently or provisionally, "No.

  24. He twirled it absently in his fingers, but as they parted at the steps he held it out to her with a smile so tender and full of understanding, that another sob came up in her throat and she took it without a word.

  25. There was a pause in which Gay kicked off her slippers and sat absently gazing at them, while Lloyd tied the ribbons which fastened the lace in the collar of her dainty gown.

  26. Stray, feeble rays from the winter sun fell through the window and gleamed upon a heap of documents and papers with huge seals; but the minister's eyes did not rest upon them, they were fixed absently on vacancy.

  27. Severinus involuntarily pressed his hand upon his brow, his fingers quivered slightly as they touched the broad scar upon it, and he gazed absently before him as if in a dream.

  28. As he speaks he absently breaks off a piece of the cake and puts it in his mouth.

  29. Miss Erroll looked absently at her: "Tell who what?

  30. And, as he stood there, absently intent on sky and roof and foliage, her soft bantering voice aroused him; and turning he found her beside him, her humorous eyes fixed on his face.

  31. She said, smiling absently at his question: "Certainly one can grow younger; and you have done it in a day, here with me.

  32. She stood with pretty golden head bent, absently arranging the sables around her neck and shoulders.

  33. She was fingering Thorold's coat-sleeve rather absently as she spoke.

  34. Her fingers played absently with Waveney's curly hair as she knelt beside her.

  35. As I watched him absently knocking the charred logs together, I longed to snatch the tongs from his indifferent hands and "change the sorry scheme of things entire.

  36. Elinor paused in her hair brushing, and sank down on the stool, absently propping her chin on her brush.

  37. They sat in absolute silence, absently watching the occupants of the now nearly deserted tables straggle out in twos and threes, until the room was quite empty, and Patricia could bear it no longer.

  38. I wish I could draw," mused Patricia, absently sugaring her Frankfurter.

  39. She stood absently by the fire taking off her bracelets and necklace.

  40. Captain Roughsedge, as he touched her hand, asked whether he should find her at home that afternoon if he called, and Diana absently said yes.

  41. She got up, seated herself on the vanity bench, and took up a brush, which she ran absently over the pale hair that shimmered down to her paler shoulders.

  42. Carmody absently beat his hand on the desk.

  43. For a minute or two, he sat absently stirring his coffee, and considering how he might most safely perform the terrible duty of putting Mrs. Farnaby on her guard.

  44. Walking straight on, as absently as ever, he crossed Waterloo Bridge, and followed the broad street that lay before him on the other side.

  45. I discovered that one of these gentlemen was a barrister and the other a ship-owner, by the answers which Mrs. Farnaby absently extracted from them on the subject of their respective vocations in life.

  46. She was all that was sweet and kind," Rufus absently repeated, still intent on the solid spectacle of his own boots.

  47. At that he turned and walked mechanically to the sofa, seating himself, again with his elbows on his knees, and his eyes absently fixed on the carpet.

  48. She leant forward with her elbows on her knees and gazed absently at the brown head.

  49. Presently Woburn was aware that she had forgotten young Boylston and was glancing absently about the room.

  50. He stroked his beard and gazed absently at me; and when we had finished our coffee and liqueurs we strolled down to his studio.

  51. She herself went on thinking about 'Lias while she was undressing and answering absently little Molly's chatter.

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