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  1. Provisions were made by which the evils of absenteeism were abated.

  2. The Government of Ireland declared that the cost of doing away with the evils of absenteeism was a secondary consideration.

  3. The most potent causes of absenteeism in the latter half of the nineteenth century are the City of Dublin Steam Navigation Company, and the London and North-Western Railway.

  4. Absenteeism is no new complaint; Adam Smith discussed proposals for an absentee-tax.

  5. It was James Anthony Froude who said that the absenteeism of her men of genius was a worse wrong to Ireland than the absenteeism of her landlords.

  6. The Commons pray that the penalty of absenteeism after the proclamation should be loss of life or limb, and forfeiture of goods; the King consents only to imprisonment, instead of death and mutilation.

  7. For a discussion of absenteeism from the economic point of view see N.

  8. Absenteeism is a question which has been much debated, and from both the economic and moral point of view there is little doubt that it has a prejudicial effect.

  9. Hadley, Economics; on absenteeism in Ireland see A.

  10. The degree of absenteeism is indicated by the frequency of English nobles, knights and gentlemen among the large proprietors.

  11. On the rice coast the unfavorable character of the soil and the absenteeism of the planter's families in summer conspired to keep the fruit trees few.

  12. In the Roman latifundia, which overspread central and southern Italy after the Hannibalic war, absenteeism was a chronic feature and a curse.

  13. He may have anticipated with something of remorse the reflection of a modern historian, that the absenteeism of her landlords has been less of a curse to Ireland than the absenteeism of her men of genius.

  14. Where else is there an exportation of over one-third of the rents, and an absenteeism of the chief landlords?

  15. Harder penalties for absenteeism were enacted repeatedly before, and considering the necessities of Ireland in that awful struggle, this provision seems just, mild, and proper.

  16. During the same period worktime losses from absenteeism amounted to about 12 million man-hours.

  17. Both labor turnover and absenteeism have been high.

  18. People are insane enough to talk of absenteeism as one of the evils of Ireland, and regret that we have no resident aristocracy among us--rather let us rejoice that we have them not, so long as the lawyers prove their legitimate successors.

  19. In other words, rent was increased, and absenteeism became general.

  20. He had often insisted that absenteeism was the bane of Ireland, and yet for the life of him he could not see how his residence there was to prove a blessing.

  21. Don't you know these men better than I do, who pass lives of absenteeism from their country; how little they care how or whence money comes, provided they get it?

  22. I have said that absenteeism is unknown in the estancia.

  23. At all events, absenteeism is unknown on the estancia, for this would spell ruin at short notice.

  24. Absenteeism was not, however, one of the strong points of the brotherhood; and a Den rarely moved towards raiding territory without its full quota of men.

  25. The absenteeism of her men of genius," an eminent historian has said, "was a worse wrong to Ireland than the absenteeism of her landlords.

  26. But absenteeism was already rife, and was likely to be in the main diminished rather than increased by any measure which made Ireland a happier abode.

  27. In the Upper House, owing to the large absenteeism of lay lords, the bench of bishops, nominees of the Crown and agents of the British interest, largely held sway.

  28. Absenteeism has been a great evil, though the estates of some absentees have been notably well managed.

  29. On medieval complaints concerning the absenteeism of monasteries: Bodmann, Rheingauische Alterthuemer, 751.

  30. He says that a prohibition of absenteeism carried out to its logical conclusion would require every man to sit on the sod he had tilled himself.

  31. Absenteeism which has lasted a long time injures no one economically.

  32. Footnote A2-5-13: The important controversy concerning absenteeism may be answered in accordance with the principles laid down in this chapter.

  33. An aversion for absenteeism plays a chief part in all Carey's writings.

  34. M'Culloch, maintain that, by the principles of economic science, Absenteeism is no evil at all.

  35. Applying this principle to the subject in hand, we find that Absenteeism inflicts an injury upon Ireland, in addition to, and quite distinct from the one, which results from the nature of the commodities sent by Ireland to England.

  36. Mr. Senior saw this, and, in dealing with Irish Absenteeism he modifies the principle accordingly.

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