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Example sentences for "absenting"

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absente; absented; absentee; absenteeism; absentees; absently; absentminded; absentmindedly; absents; absinthe
  1. I have been asked to administer a troop reprimand to a member of the patrol of the Silver Foxes for absenting himself throughout the day from urgent troop duties with no better excuse than a desire to play baseball.

  2. It carries him abroad, when the discipline of the plantation requires him to be at home; and more than once, for so absenting himself, have his shoulders been scored by the "cowskin.

  3. Governor Osborne has his own reasons for absenting himself from his office.

  4. I understood the meaning of his question fully, and replied, "As far as I have been enabled to judge, good Father, there exists no further necessity for absenting myself.

  5. With the growing conviction that Capperne would recover, her letters to Druro grew more intimate and perhaps a shade insistent on his over-sensitiveness in absenting himself for so long from the society of his best friends.

  6. An act of the English parliament inflicting a penalty of 20 pounds for absenting from church.

  7. The trouble was by no means confined to Barcelona and, in 1521, Cardinal Adrian made an effort to check it by declaring vacant the office of any one absenting himself for two months.

  8. It had a way of absenting itself when wanted.

  9. Absenting from Church on Sunday, and no Distress to be had, Commitment till Forfeiture is paid.

  10. Above the Age of 16, and absenting for a Month: Forfeiture 20s.

  11. But this third time, she seems to be weary or her service, she returned not again to him any more; yet in her so absenting herself, she gives confirmation to Noah, that the waters were even in a manner quite gone.

  12. At Oels he began to flaunt his separatist views by absenting himself from public worship and the Lord's Supper.

  13. On the next of these expeditions, he determined to find some expedient for absenting himself, so as to be able to obtain the long-sought interview with his mysterious friend.

  14. The Dean once a Year is to appoint a Day and Hour, at which the poor Knights are to be warned to be present, to hear these Statutes read, and any Knight absenting after that Warning, and without License, is to forfeit 6 s.

  15. No intercourse with Harriet possible but by note; no church for her on Sunday any more than on Christmas Day; and no need to find excuses for Mr. Elton's absenting himself.

  16. One day the parson-justice, whom I have before mentioned, called on the Daltons, and remonstrated with George on his conduct in absenting himself from church.

  17. Whether the violence was such as to form a complete justification for their absenting themselves, is a question of fact which we cannot well determine.

  18. Crown to levy men for service in war, and imposes penalties on persons absenting themselves from musters commanded by the king's authority to be held for that purpose.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "absenting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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