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Example sentences for "absolving"

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absolutists; absolutum; absolve; absolved; absolves; absorb; absorbable; absorbed; absorbedly; absorbent
  1. From preaching it was an easy transition to hearing confessions, absolving sins, enjoining penances.

  2. No, the spirit of the old man had been there, absolving me of my broken word, absolving me of his murder.

  3. They cannot be disunited without abrogating at once the rights of the master, and absolving the slave from his subjection.

  4. To obtain the prescription there was no alternative but to issue a royal rescript absolving the physicians beforehand from the provisions of this assize.

  5. Be this as it may, he came in time to assist the gentlemen in absolving those penitents (as we must call them so) who still remained unconfessed.

  6. Have you known the power of Christ's absolving word?

  7. Finally the governor interposes, and the affair is settled for the time, the two prelates absolving each other in turn.

  8. It is indeed true that Christ promised absolving powers to His Apostles: He also promised to those who believed, that they should take up serpents; and if they drank any deadly thing, it should not hurt them.

  9. As Judge Marwood said at the trial: "We have not to do with your papistical use in absolving of sins.

  10. Is it possible or reasonable to suppose that our Lord intended by these words to constitute all that assembly absolving priests?

  11. The disciples (some of them not apostles) who received this commission or privilege, never understood that they were by these words (men and women together) empowered to be absolving priests.

  12. The virtue of set forms of speech in absolving from uncleanness is fully recognized in Shinto, as will be seen in the next chapter.

  13. Some are expiatory, and are made with the object of absolving the worshipper from ritual impurity.

  14. They claimed not the right of giving away kingdoms, crowning emperors, deposing princes, and absolving their subjects from their oaths of allegiance.

  15. If they do, they commit a sin against the church, and the power of absolving from that sin is reserved for the bishop of the diocese.

  16. Moreover, the Bishops are deprived of the power of absolving from these censures.

  17. After all, he would never dream that to be with him she had sent off Mary, and the sudden seeing of the matter in that absolving light relieved her; it was rather to her credit, so seen, and her fondness for Perior really touching.

  18. Her eyes, in all their helpless guilt and terror, met his look of non-absolving pity.

  19. I know that the priest has the power of absolving from sins committed after Baptism, because Jesus Christ granted that power to the priests of His Church when He said: "Receive ye the Holy Ghost.

  20. How do you know that the priest has the power of absolving from the sins committed after Baptism?

  21. I omit the many discrepant accounts of dying confessions accusing or absolving the Queen.

  22. The Absolving Dream Antoine Courcy was one of those who are fitted and trained by nature for the cure of souls.

  23. And I have to warn you, child, that lawyers are not so absolving as the world is with some of the ladies Lord Ormont allows you to call your friends.

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