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Example sentences for "actuarial"

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  1. Now for almost everyone the possibility of a great loss will count as a deterrent (just as the possibility of a great gain may count as an attraction) for much more than its strict actuarial value.

  2. The methods used were characterized by a member of the Cleveland Foundation Survey Committee as "the actuarial basis of vocational education.

  3. Mamma thought we were doing a round of sightseeing together; but I was really at Honoria's chambers in Chancery Lane every day, working away at actuarial calculations for her, and helping her as well as a greenhorn could.

  4. I shall set up chambers in the City, and work at actuarial calculations and conveyancing.

  5. In "scientific" insurance the insured pays its full actuarial cost for each additional feature of the policy that he buys.

  6. The most useful actuarial equivalent of the single premium is the level annual premium for any period (term or life).

  7. To this end there should be interstate comity and coöperation, so that the insured could at any time transfer his actuarial equity from one state to another.

  8. I have taken to your business because it is one of the crafty paths we can follow to creep into Man's fastnesses of the Law, the Stock-Market, the Banks and Actuarial work.

  9. None of the actuarial or accountancy corporations will admit women, so we can't pass exams and call ourselves chartered actuaries or incorporated accountants.

  10. You had to make the world fit actuarial charts.

  11. Each time a death benefit was paid, a digit rang up on the actuarial scoreboard.

  12. I thumbed through the fine-printed pages of actuarial tables and turned to the words of Millen Carmody, Chief Underwriter, in the preface.

  13. H] The standard death rate is that experienced by average insurance risks of the same age, according to the Medico-Actuarial Committee.

  14. J] The standard death rate is that experienced by average insurance risks of the same age, according to the Medico-Actuarial Committee.

  15. The arguments based upon arithmetical or actuarial superiority of the levy for your pocket and for mine may therefore rather go by the board.

  16. It only represents the actuarial average expectation of all the lives.

  17. An actuarial certificate was to be obtained before any society could be registered "for the purpose of securing any benefit dependent on the laws of sickness and mortality.

  18. Their actuarial condition appears to be backward, but to show indications of improvement.

  19. It seems to me as though that is purely an actuarial matter, and that it is something which will adjust itself if any law goes into effect.

  20. Actuarial science has been widely cultivated in the United States of late years, the numbers and zeal of its professional students having kept pace with the extraordinary growth of life insurance.

  21. Schools of actuarial science have been opened in both Germany and France, and the professional actuaries of these countries, and of Austria and Belgium, have formed associations for the promotion of their pursuits.

  22. It is only since the middle of the 19th century that actuarial science has rapidly advanced in other countries, chiefly under the stimulus of the extending practice of life insurance.

  23. In the United States the laws exact still more minute and much prompter reports to the insurance departments of the states; and every annual statement is required to show the results of an actuarial investigation.

  24. The business of life insurance upon the continent of Europe has given an extraordinary stimulus to actuarial studies.

  25. The financial and actuarial basis of the scheme has been very carefully studied by the light of all available information.

  26. Her scheme for a female benefit society proved worthless from the actuarial standpoint, and would have been disastrous to all concerned if it had been carried out, and it was therefore fortunate that De Morgan was consulted in time.

  27. De Morgan knew him professionally through the fact that he was prominent in actuarial work.

  28. His work revolutionized the actuarial science of the time.

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