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Example sentences for "alleyways"

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alleviation; alleviations; alley; alleys; alleyway; allez; allfired; allgemeinen; allgemeiner; alli
  1. As to where they lodged, it would perhaps not be well to state, though here and there rumors were afloat to the effect that they were seen jumping over back fences into alleyways in the early hours of the morning.

  2. She is away from her own people, not allowed social contact with the family of her employer, and usually resides in solitude in a little house in the back yard, with alleyways as the only approach.

  3. This first French post is the extreme left of the French defence, and it is only after some long alleyways that you come on the centre itself.

  4. All along hundreds of yards of twisting alleyways the native houses stood empty and silent, abandoned by their owners just as they are.

  5. And the black canopy and the little dark alleyways seemed to whisper of hidden things that kept ward over this abode of God.

  6. And the aisles were like little dark alleyways leading away as into some immensity beyond.

  7. Where the alleyways intersect these bulkheads, fire-doors are provided which are closed by hand and secured by strong clamps.

  8. Where the alleyways intersect the bulkheads, fireproof doors would afford all the necessary means of communication.

  9. In the alleyways off Madison Street on the West Side and off State Street, on the South Side, eager women driven by want sold their bodies to passersby for twenty-five cents.

  10. Each had been thinking of his own affairs and each man had shuffled off into his own street and had been lost in the dim alleyways between the tall grimy buildings.

  11. I walked between the alleyways and a row of ash-cans waiting for the belated carts of the cleaners.

  12. It danced with the maids in the alleyways to the tune of the barrel organs.

  13. Next came the mates' rooms on either side of two alleyways leading into the forward saloon, and between the alleyways were closets and lockers.

  14. The result of my refusal to be further bamboozled by the wily Yung Po, without knowing something of what I am doing, is that I am shortly threading the mazy alleyways of Chao-choo-foo with Ah Sum and Yung Po for escort.

  15. And it was possible, even probable, that the turns in the alleyways might be guarded; and once separated in the heat of battle it would be easy enough to shoot each other.

  16. Each of the lads tied a piece in his button-hole as they ran out by all the back alleyways in the direction of the church.

  17. It was equally necessary to provide for the protection of the observer and the prevention of escape of the subjects by completely covering the apparatus and alleyways with a heavy wire netting.

  18. Hurrying now, running through lanes and alleyways as he had come, Jimmie Dale headed for the Sanctuary.

  19. From the after end of this cross passage main alleyways on each side of the ship ran right through to the after end of the vessel.

  20. There was also access by a door from this space into each of the alleyways in the first-class accommodation on each side of the ship and by two doors at the after end into the after well.

  21. Further on, the darkness was cut by silhouettes of ebony that sometimes were boats and at others, alleyways of packages or hills of coal.

  22. Ferragut, always running, remained behind the negro sharpshooters, the stevedores, the harbor guard, the seamen that were hastening from all sides crowding in the alleyways between the boxes and bundles.

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