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Example sentences for "anecdotal"

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  1. As we talked, the nine suitors sat in a semicircle about Cecilia, while the group listened to an anecdotal exchange between Professor Hume and Henderson, the Virginia planter.

  2. His anecdotal range she declared to be the widest and raciest she had ever encountered in a considerable acquaintance with public characters.

  3. But to return to my short anecdotal biographies of a few of these singers.

  4. This anecdotal account, DALY maintained, may serve to illustrate in part the sudden and radical transformation being wrought in the ways scholars work.

  5. DALY provided an anecdotal account of the revolutionizing impact of the new technology on his previous methods of research in the field of classics.

  6. I shall, in this brief historical sketch, neglect entirely the anecdotal literature, since my own work is primarily experimental, and since its results should naturally be compared with those of other experimenters.

  7. But he insists that it is of surprisingly little importance in comparison with what the general behavior of monkeys as known in captivity and as described by the anecdotal writers have led us to expect.

  8. Evidences of Ideation in Monkeys Aside from anecdotal and traveller's notes on the behavior of monkeys and apes we have only a scanty literature.

  9. The selections in this group consist of anecdotal sketches, brief biographies, extracts from longer works, and a few poems.

  10. Even a century later than Raphael, among the Flemings and Hollanders, the best pictures are the simplest, the least dependent for their interest upon anything dramatic or anecdotal in their subject.

  11. He studied under Huang-po both times (all day and night, so he claimed) and later produced an anecdotal summary of the master's teachings now known as On the Transmission of Mind.

  12. Zen, provided with a lineage stretching directly back through Nagarjuna to the Buddha, and furnished an exciting anecdotal history.

  13. This appears to have been the source for biographical and anecdotal material later included in The Transmission of the Lamp, portions of which are translated in Chang Chung-yuan.

  14. The exploits of Nan-ch'uan and Chao-chou form the core of the great anecdotal literature of Ch'an's Golden Age.

  15. But they are also marvellous pictorial studies which, in spite of the special, anecdotal subjects, rise to the level of grand painting through sheer power of draughtsmanship and charm of tone.

  16. It has often treated indifferent subjects in a grand style, and it has too easily beheld life from the anecdotal side.

  17. For to see insipid mildness complacently swallowed as an excellent thing, knowing the rich smack of savour proper to the story, is your anecdotal gentleman's annoyance.

  18. This kind of social intercourse, with its intimate talk, the references to famous public characters, as though they were only human beings after all, the anecdotal interchange, was wholly novel to Sylvia.

  19. North of the Ohio the anecdotal genius diminished, he declared, as one moved toward the Great Lakes into a region where there had been an infusion of population from New England and the Middle States.

  20. It was Harwood's habit to spend a day in the towns he visited, gathering local color and collecting anecdotal matter.

  21. Generally speaking, it would be more advisable to become a chatterer and keep an anecdotal note-book.

  22. We'll call in that man we met at dinner here: Corney: a capital doctor; an old-fashioned anecdotal doctor.

  23. The popular physician of the county and famous anecdotal wit, Dr.

  24. The mere mention of the name sufficed as the introduction to the general and anecdotal history of such a family, and I doubt whether the best official at Herald's College could have dissected a pedigree as did the Duc de Nemours.

  25. An Anecdotal Guide to the British Painters and Paintings in the National Gallery.

  26. There is another, a history of the anecdotal sort, which is well known to-day, but which it is proper to recall in a complete biography of the master.

  27. There was a whiff of gunpowder exciting the atmosphere in the anecdotal part of the history known.

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