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Example sentences for "balancer"

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bal; baladan; balai; balance; balanced; balances; balancing; balas; balass; balata
  1. But that isn't automatic, and what is needed is an automatic balancer or equilibrizer," insisted the lieutenant.

  2. When the elevated cell of the balancer was filled, its weight caused it to fall.

  3. In the electro-magnet circuit was a small water-balancer B having two cells and a see-saw motion.

  4. Balancer sets are widely used to provide the neutral of Edison three wire lighting systems.

  5. Although the balancer set may be manufactured for more than one intermediate voltage, the General Electric Company recommends the three wire system as it is simpler.

  6. The voltage of the system being given, the capacity of a three wire balancer set is fixed by the maximum current the neutral wire is required to carry.

  7. In Stringfellow's and Tatin's models the main aerofoil and balancer (tail) are practically contiguous.

  8. This inserts all the resistance in the field of balancer A, and short circuits the resistance in the field of balancer B.

  9. Diagram showing connections of General Electric automatic voltage regulator for direct current as connected for maintaining balanced voltage on both sides of a three wire system using a balancer set.

  10. The wind came in sharp, hot puffs from the north, and had it not been for the Joyce gyroscopic balancer they carried, the ship would have been in hard straits.

  11. The gyroscopic balancer likewise was in need of having its bearings attended to.

  12. After his attempt to steal the plans of Mr. Joyce's gyroscopic balancer the boys heard no more of Fred Reade in a hostile way.

  13. I'm sure you can handle the balancer without Perkins.

  14. It is more expensive to install than one for a two wire system, as it is necessary to add a balancer in connection with a 240 volt dynamo.

  15. A balancing set or balancer consists of a motor mechanically connected to a dynamo used to balance a three wire system.

  16. This balancer set should have one-tenth the capacity of the plant.

  17. The balancer is connected as shown in fig.

  18. There is a concave reflecting lens, which reflects half of the light upon the second cell, known as the balancer selenium bridge.

  19. He always walked straight, never fell, like that head-balancer who, the other night, had come tumbling down from his perch.

  20. The joint forces which enable the Balancer to throw up and catch his Balls on the full gallop.

  21. The art of the Balancer explained and illustrated.

  22. There is but one nerve in the insect's body that is larger than the balancer nerve, and that is the optic nerve; hence, it is natural to infer that the balancer nerve leads to some special sense centre.

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