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Example sentences for "balances"

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baladan; balai; balance; balanced; balancer; balancing; balas; balass; balata; balate
  1. Allusion has been made above to the remedy sought by Ximenes in 1517, by sending an auditor-general to inspect all the tribunals and ascertain the balances due.

  2. But what are the balances finally settled with, seeing that you have no money?

  3. The balances that remain after the accounts have been cleared by the international council should not be large under our system.

  4. Nothing in this subsection may be construed to require the transfer of functions, personnel, records, balances of appropriations, or other assets of an agency on a single date.

  5. These provisions are most wise, for outstanding balances may be made the means of oppression, and to their operation may be traced a considerable amount of litigation and agrarian crime in the indigo districts of lower Bengal.

  6. It is an established rule in the Agency that the cultivator's accounts of one season shall be definitively settled before the commencement of the next, and that no outstanding balances shall remain over.

  7. When Magnus Hay has struck the first blow he is quite ready to draw his dirk and strike the last one; and Paul Snackole, though he has made gold and to spare, will just go on making gold until death takes the balances out of his hands.

  8. It is apparent at once, that when one branch of the government dominates, the checks and balances between the departments are immediately lost, and facts bear out what theory shows to be logically true.

  9. The system of checks and balances failed absolutely in New York, where the mayor is supreme, and where the city has been plundered of sums estimated at 7 per cent of the total valuation of real estate.

  10. Here we find positively no co-ordination between the legislative and administrative branches, while a century of experience with the scheme of checks and balances has proved conclusively that it can not prevent municipal corruption.

  11. We are all kings, and one man balances the rest of the world as one drop of water balances the sea.

  12. A Provincial deficit is, however, not a real deficit; it is met by the Local Governments drawing on the large balances already in hand.

  13. In less than three years these balances amounted to an immense sum,--a sum lost to the Company, but existing in full force for every purpose of oppression.

  14. In the amount of these balances almost every weaver in the country bore a part, and consequently they were almost all caught in this snare.

  15. Some of the larger undertakers receive advances to enable them to prosecute their work; but as they are not always equally careful or fortunate, it happens that large balances accumulate against them.

  16. This is effected by one of those laws which the wisdom of the Creator has impressed upon matter, by which one part of creation as it were balances another, and all proceeds in an endless circle of change.

  17. But certainly nothing so distinguishes, elevates, purifies, and balances a man in life as a high esteem for woman.

  18. It balances a man and gives him sense by bringing him into right relations with his fellows and prompting him to esteem their gifts more highly than his own.

  19. I took the perfect balances and weighed; No shaking of my hand disturbed the poise; 10 Weighed, found it wanting: not a word I said, But silent made my choice.

  20. Those balances are no doubt in a state of constant fluctuation; and very possibly during the time that the German money was coming in some other might be going out.

  21. The evident consequence is that this part of the bankers' balances is at the mercy of the German Government when it chooses to apply for it.

  22. In a panic, as has been said, the bankers' balances greatly augment.

  23. But, as a rule, such money when deposited in London, for a considerable time remains in London; and so long as it does so, it swells the aggregate balances of the body of bankers at the Bank of England.

  24. As a whole, the deposit of the bankers' balances at the Bank of England would at first sight seem to be a deposit singularly stable.

  25. At other times, particularly at the quarterly payment of the dividends, an absolute rule which laid down that the bankers' balances were never to be lent, would be productive of great inconvenience.

  26. Nor would the inspection of the bankers' balances as a whole lead to any certain and sure conclusions.

  27. The balances are all right, apparently, but the entries, if examined, would seem to be conclusive testimony that I have been systematically robbing you.

  28. So you assert, under oath, Mr. Plum, that those figures have all been changed since the original balances were made up?

  29. He is "weighed in the balances and found wanting.

  30. And men of high degree are a lie; In the balances they go up; They are altogether lighter than vanity" (Heb.

  31. From this reason, all the owers of balances refused to pay the malwajib of the sircar.

  32. Mr. Markham, from the advice of my enemies, having protected the farmers, would not permit the balances to be collected.

  33. Moral and social science must hold the balances more evenly than this.

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