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Example sentences for "banshees"

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  1. But banshees are getting scarce and decline to be caught.

  2. I believe the stories of banshees must have arisen from the sound of the caoine.

  3. So let the Banshees howl, the Weird Sisters Dree their Weird--for Only Three Grains of Corn, Alfy!

  4. The Banshees howled, the weird Sisters of the Night made desperate attempts to seize the Grain of Corn--Next!

  5. A farmer, or even a labourer, may have a banshee attached to his family--a little white creature was the description given to me by a woman who said she had seen one; others say that banshees are like birds.

  6. At Kincasslagh a graphic story was told me by an old woman of how two banshees attacked a man when he was crossing the "banks" at Mullaghderg.

  7. People have said to me that Banshees are heard, not seen.

  8. But, anyhow, if they were Banshees that you saw last night, they're a bit out in their calculations.

  9. The Banshees of Youghal And of stately Mo-geely Were joined in their grief By wide Imokilly.

  10. In concluding this chapter I must refer once again to Mr McAnnaly, who, in his "Irish Wonders," records a very remarkable instance of a number of Banshees manifesting themselves simultaneously.

  11. Moreover, as I have already stated, there is abundant evidence to show that Banshees are of many and diverse kinds; and that no two appear to be exactly alike or to act in precisely the same fashion.

  12. Aina from her closely hid Nest did awake The woman of wailing From Gur's voicy lake; From Glen Fogradh of words Came a mournful whine, And all Kerry's Banshees Wept the lost Geraldine.

  13. As she grew she began to hate the banshees who had taken her from her home and made her become like them.

  14. I have heard," continued the ghost, "that this great and powerful banshee came to America to look for the descendants of the banshees who made her become one of them.

  15. The fairies and the gnomes and the sprites and the banshees gathered about the door of the shack," continued the first ghost, "Suddenly they heard a wild, weird wailing off on the moor.

  16. There was no way for the banshees and the wood nymphs and the sprites to get into the house and take her while she slept, for there always was a fire in the fireplace.

  17. A banshee might fly into any one of our tents on a dark night and change us into butterflies or banshees or something of that sort, and we wouldn't know anything about it until we had been changed.

  18. The banshees carried the butterfly away with them and in their home she grew to be as beautiful a banshee as she had been a child.

  19. Those who were not killed were driven from the country, all of which accounts for there being no banshees in Ireland now.

  20. But as Mr. Airey says--and he knows all about bard and Banshees and such like things Great heaven!

  21. Illustration: The "Friendly Banshee"] Banshees are not often seen, but those that have made themselves visible differ as much in personal appearance as in the character of their cries.

  22. The night before the battle of the Boyne several Banshees were heard singing in the air over the Irish camp, the truth of their prophecy being verified by the death-roll of the next day.

  23. The volume takes us from the "Banshees and Other Death Warnings" of Ireland to a strange example of Jewish mysticism in "The Silent Woman.

  24. At all events, he had made a special study of the wraiths and white ladies and banshees and bogies of all kinds whose sayings and doings and warnings are recorded in the annals of the Scottish nobility.

  25. Others, again, claim that banshees are mere thought materialisations handed down from one generation to another.

  26. Many people have fallen in the error of imagining all banshees are moulded after one pattern.

  27. From all this we can conclude that, whilst the origin and constitution of banshees vary, their mission is always the same—they are solely the prognosticators of misfortune.

  28. Some of the banshees are fair to look at, and some old, and foul, and terrifying; but their mission is invariably the same, i.

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