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Example sentences for "basked"

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  1. So he basked and smoked and drank his ale, retelling the ancient stories, and hiccuping forth the ancient sermons.

  2. And he was the adored of an intelligent age; he basked a few brief weeks in the noonday sun of fashion.

  3. Then she abandoned to him the joint duty of viewing the cathedral, and hurried to their carriage where she basked in the sun till he came to her.

  4. His genius basked in the sunshine as he made high reliefs in the sand or charcoaled pictures on the cool, grey rocks hidden in the sound-sopping jungle.

  5. No space but was thickly peopled with what ordinarily passes as the invisible, but which now, plainly to behold, basked and revelled in the blaze--products of the sun.

  6. He was warmly received by the Prince Abu Mansur in Cairo, and basked in the sunshine of his splendor, and sang of his liberality, renown, and of his three noble sons.

  7. He basked in them until he fell asleep, and when he awakened he felt anew the joy of mere physical existence; he rose, shook himself like a giant, and resumed his work.

  8. Manabozho, intent on revenge, transformed himself into the stump of a tree, and by this artifice surprised and slew the king of the serpents, as he basked with his followers in the noontide sun.

  9. On the morning of the fourth of July, when the forest around basked lazily in the early sun, you might have mounted the rising ground on which the town stood, and passed unchallenged through the opening in the palisade.

  10. And other poets have spoken of the Broom in the same way--thus Collins-- "When Dan Sol to slope his wheels began Amid the Broom he basked him on the ground.

  11. Chaucer speaks of the Broom, but does not make it so much of a tree-- "Amid the Broom he basked in the sun.

  12. None the less the feeling of her home's stability was precious, Lucinda basked in it like a cat on an accustomed hearth, wanting it she must have felt hopelessly lost and forlorn.

  13. She basked there like a kitten in the sunlight till her wan cheek bloomed.

  14. She basked in the flattery that Kate's deportment gave to her dignity as a young lady educated at tremendous cost.

  15. Then, taking a book, she moved a rocker to the front veranda, and basked in the sun.

  16. In this notoriety he basked as in the sun.

  17. Ponds of open water, by which basked a few Weddell seals, became a familiar sight.

  18. Do the native sons of the golden West ever recall those names and think what dignity they once conferred upon the favored few who basked in the sunshine of their prosperity?

  19. For a few hours only we basked in its beauty, rejoiced in it, gloried in it; and then we passed it by.

  20. So silently did they sit that a great green lizard came and basked himself in the sun within a yard of them, and a beautiful striped butterfly perched deliberately upon the purple grapes!

  21. Bessie was like a flower: the more she basked in the light and warmth of her love the more her character opened and unfolded, shedding perfumed sweetness around her and revealing unguessed charms.

  22. And for sole evidence of him basked on my table, beneath a thread of sunlight, his blue-ribboned box.

  23. Perhaps she, on her side, merely basked in the flattery of my imagination.

  24. The city basked under the noon-day sun, and the venerable walls formed its picturesque boundary.

  25. Here orange plants bloomed, here birds poured forth melodious hymns; and here, during spring, the cold snake emerged from the clefts, and basked on the sunny terraces of rock.

  26. Not in the calm air or weltering ocean; not in the woods or fertile fields, nor among the birds that made the woods resonant with song, nor the animals that in the midst of plenty basked in the sunshine.

  27. By the time he had drained three cups of the jasmine-scented beverage and basked in the brilliance of Bobby's smiles through the smoking of two cigars, he was feeling decidedly heady.

  28. It was incredible that a girl who had basked in the sun of his approval could find even temporary pleasure in the feeble rushlight of Andy Black's society.

  29. I find it difficult to imagine, and shrink from the thought of the wide-spread dismay such a fate will produce among her adorers," added Randal, as he basked in the glow of the hospitable fire.

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