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Example sentences for "belting"

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  1. The village homes transfigured stood, And purple bluffs, whose belting wood Across the waters leaned to hold The yellow leaves like lamps of hold.

  2. With his latch-key he softly opened the alley door; felt his way through machinery and belting to the stairs.

  3. The vulcanite emery wheels made by the New York Belting and Packing Company have especial advantages for this kind of work.

  4. He liked to hear the squeak of the belting and the steady chug-chug of the water-wheels; the purr of the dynamos was music, and he kept the commutators free from dust with loving care.

  5. When he closed the head gate and turned the water back into Big Squaw Creek, removed the belting from the pulleys in the power-house and shut the place up tight, he felt that it was much like making arrangements for his own funeral.

  6. In hand-stuffing belting butts the goods are first thoroughly soaked in water to which has been added some soda, and then scoured and stretched by machine.

  7. From this stage the treatment of sole leather differs from that of harness, belting and mellower leathers.

  8. The manufacture then spread through Switzerland and Germany, the product being used in the main for picker straps, belting and purposes where waterproof goods were required, such as hose pipes and military water bags.

  9. Danny, I'd have lost the beer to ha' given him the belting he requires.

  10. For best leather belting and lace leather, including Hercules, see Page Belting Co.

  11. Some factories turn out belting and nothing else.

  12. The strongest and most perfect ones are made into belting to run the machinery of factories.

  13. She buttoned her blue tennis blouse, brushed some specks of dust off her skirt, and put a piece of clean belting in her silver waist-clasp.

  14. There was a band of blue belting at her waist, and one on her sailor-hat.

  15. Link belting may be had in detachable sections, fitting each other at secure hinges which allow free motion.

  16. Belting manufacturers and manufacturers of shoes were educated in the art of producing the leather for the saddles.

  17. You see I sole Charley's and my shoes, and I've robbed all the mines around here of belting to do it with and that doesn't mean that I've had much belting either.

  18. A specialty of Belting for high speed and hard work.

  19. The weight of the horse causes the slats to move endlessly, which in turn rotates the belting wheel.

  20. Belting for machinery, of leather, canvas, or india rubber.

  21. For an instance of the elimination of waste in equipment the account of the saving effected for one establishment by an efficient use of its belting may be narrated.

  22. Crossing Vermilion, the trappers arrived on the fifth day at Blue, where they encamped in the broad timber belting the creek, and there awaited the arrival of the remainder of the party.

  23. The tendency to harsh grain with such processes is not so serious a defect with belting as with sole leather, and can be minimized by careful deliming.

  24. Belting must not be too soft, of course, and it will be clear that the required difference from sole leather can be produced either in liming or tanning or partly in both.

  25. Burning in" is used for the heavier dressing leathers such as belting and harness.

  26. A Continental method for making belting leather is to give 6 weeks in a suspender set (70 deg.

  27. In the case of belting leather this feature is an obvious nuisance, and has inevitably led manufacturers to use powerful stretching machines upon the goods before they are marketed.

  28. Even the very short processes of liming, 1 to 3 days, which involve the use of strong solutions of sodium sulphide, have been successfully employed for belting leather.

  29. Belting leather, in which considerable pliability is needed, may contain about 9 per cent.

  30. Sole leather will be worn up before this effect is observed, but belting is an article which is intended to last much longer, and the use of sulphuric acid is consequently inadvisable.

  31. An interesting and practical paper on leather belting made of links.

  32. For more than twenty years after Mr. Roullier's visit, nothing was done with leather link belting in this country.

  33. The following is as near as we can estimate the weight of leather link belting per square foot: 1 inch thick, about 5 lb.

  34. The following experiments on the transmission of power by belting were made Messrs.

  35. The part of the hide that is used to manufacture the best belting is shown in Fig.

  36. V]-belting is formed of strips of leather welted together, as shown in Figs.

  37. What appearance in leather belting indicates that it was cut from the spongy shoulder?

  38. The length of twisted round belting may be altered by twisting or untwisting it, which renders it unnecessary to cut the belt for a small amount of shortening.

  39. The arrangement for belting to feed works is also shown too plainly to need description.

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