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  1. Those that have current bibliographies I have marked with a dagger.

  2. See also articles and bibliographies in ✱ Dictionary of National Biography, Chambers Encyclopædia of English Literature (new edn.

  3. See also the bibliographies enumerated below in [p] 61.

  4. Besides the special bibliographies mentioned above, it will be useful to consult the Bibliotheque historique of Pere Jacques Lelong (1719; new ed.

  5. Ample bibliographies will be found in Krones von Marchland's Grundriss der oesterreichischen Geschichte (Berlin, 1882).

  6. When this unfortunate 'Great Writers' Series comes to an end, Mr. Anderson's bibliographies should be collected together and published in a separate volume.

  7. These bibliographies are compiled by Mr. Anderson, of the British Museum, and are so valuable to the student, as well as interesting in themselves, that it is much to be regretted that they should be accompanied by such tedious letterpress.

  8. Similar bibliographies of Masefield, Galsworthy, Conrad, Gissing, George Moore, and Merrick are in preparation.

  9. Full information as to all his writings may be obtained from the bibliographies by A.

  10. A useful feature of the journal will be the series of complete bibliographies of modern authors which it is proposed to publish.

  11. No pains have been spared to make the bibliographies as complete as possible, but I should be glad to be told of any errors or omissions.

  12. We felt, however, that the work of all but the more expert readers would be lightened if we grouped them under definite, even if somewhat arbitrary, headings of period and subject, and added short bibliographies of the principal authorities.

  13. Full bibliographies of this subject are given in Two Select Bibliographies of Mediaeval Historical Study, by Margaret E.

  14. Bibliographies are in Hutchins and Harrison, op.

  15. In recent years there have been published a number of bibliographies without which no collector can be expected to keep house.

  16. The texts themselves have mostly become as correct as they can ever be, and manuals and bibliographies guide one to and through them, so that no one need go astray who takes the trouble to make use of the mechanism which is at his hand.

  17. Similar bibliographies covering sections of history are noted with the articles where they properly belong, e.

  18. These are appraised for the unwary reader in the bibliographies already mentioned.

  19. Larned's Literature of American History contains an excellent bibliography; but it needs supplementing by bibliographies of the present century.

  20. Inquiring readers should consult the bibliographies in volumes 20 and 21 (by J.

  21. The most recent of these bibliographies of bibliographies naturally take over all that is of any value in their predecessors, and it may suffice therefore to make special mention of the following:--Bibliotheca bibliographica.

  22. See the separate bibliographies to the separate articles on the books of the New Testament.

  23. Naturally, the most satisfactory of bibliographies are those limited to books of a special class.

  24. Footnote 66: Of course the Bibliographers prey relentlessly on each other, and bibliographical notices of Bibliographies abound.

  25. Readers desiring further references should consult the bibliographies by Lasswell, Casey and Smith, cited above.

  26. See the bibliographies by Harold Lasswell and others, mentioned above, for a wealth of literature giving more technical and scientific breakdowns than this.

  27. The bibliographies are cited above, on page 38.

  28. For critical studies of the vision and for exhaustive bibliographies of the subject, see Apocalypse.

  29. Ethnological materials, psychological standpoint, classified and annotated bibliographies for the interpretation of savage society.

  30. Ethnological materials, psychological standpoint, classified and annotated bibliographies for the interpretation of savage society (Chicago, 1909).

  31. The bibliographies have been selected mainly to exhibit the recognized points of view with regard to the questions raised, and to suggest the practical problems that grow out of, and are related to, the subject of the chapter as a whole.

  32. In a preface addressed to the reader he says that he has doubled the number of bibliographies cited and has added twelve hundred biographical works.

  33. On the other hand, Besterman seems, in including these abridgments, to have stretched to the breaking point his rule for the exclusion of bibliographies contained in non-bibliographical works.

  34. It is enough to note that they included the disappearance of bibliographies of bibliographies from the list of scholarly tools.

  35. The bibliography of bibliographies becomes an ever more skilfully fashioned key to unlock modern learning and modern libraries.

  36. These numerous lists are convenient collections of useful materials, but I am not sure that the makers of bibliographies of bibliographies have, with the exception of Petzholdt, made full use of them.

  37. Hungarian books along with bibliographies of German books and makes no entry in the table of contents for Hungarian bibliographies.

  38. In 1662 he published a sample of his plans for several bibliographies under the title of Sexdecim librorum initia.

  39. We can probably infer that Conrad Gesner handled the bibliographies that he cited in 1548, but few later workers have been equally successful in seeing all the books that they name.

  40. Although we now have more information about these catalogues than Grundtvig found in 1903, we still have no critical bibliographies of them.

  41. This bibliography of bibliographies of bibliographies, that is to say, a bibliography in the third degree, is entitled Bibliographies of Bibliographies.

  42. He achieved this figure by excluding many old bibliographies (chiefly works of the seventeenth century), disregarding bibliographies published as journal articles, and including antiquarian catalogues and a few catalogues of private libraries.

  43. Series of Bibliographies by Students of the School.

  44. Knowledge of bibliographies and the methods of using them is the chief part of the equipment of the reference librarian.

  45. Excellent bibliographies and lists exist, especially American ones, and many libraries have issued catalogues of their children’s libraries.

  46. Handbook to County Bibliography: a bibliography of bibliographies relating to the counties and towns of Great Britain and Ireland.

  47. It is also most useful to collect in the catalogue references to bibliographies of all kinds contained in works which are in the lending library.

  48. One of the most useful select bibliographies is that of Walter L.

  49. More searching, and embracing the whole field of the Negro's life in America, are two bibliographies by W.

  50. For editions of texts and the innumerable articles in scientific journals see the bibliographies and references in the above works.

  51. Thumb, Handbuch der griechischen Dialekte (with bibliographies for each dialect, 1909); C.

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