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  1. United to his power of analysis there is the fanaticism of a Biblical prophet and the tortured ingenuity of a master of style.

  2. Biblical scenes has spoken a language which no one before him had attempted to lisp.

  3. Whether these stories were the invention of malicious associates or were true, one thing is certain: Blake was capable of anything for which he could find a Biblical precedent.

  4. At that early age he had already begun to mix up Biblical characters and events with the life about him.

  5. Appendix Index of Names and Subjects Index of Biblical References Map of Palestine Part I Preparatory I The Historical Situation 1.

  6. Discussions of the Teaching of Jesus in works on Biblical Theology have much that is important for the study of Jesus' life.

  7. Robinson, Biblical Researches in Palestine, and Thomson, The Land and the Book, give fuller detail concerning particular localities, but no such general view as Smith.

  8. The reader must not be carried away here with the once popular notion that everything which was found in heathendom, which resembled something biblical or Jewish, came of necessity from scriptural or Israelitish sources.

  9. The way, however, in which the generation of beings is described, well deserves attention from its similarity, and its contrasts with the biblical story.

  10. There is another point in connection between Buddha and Jesus, to which the biblical student should not fail to pay attention.

  11. If we now proceed in biblical order to examine into the ideas connected with this strange faculty, we find, in Acts x.

  12. In the Biblical story of Esther we are told, i.

  13. What the testimony is we may find by turning to the article Thomas, in Kitto's Cyclopoedia of Biblical Literature, which was written by a learned professor of Gottingen.

  14. When reading this, anyone who is familiar with biblical history will bethink him of Luke iii.

  15. In the course of this and our preceding volumes we have, as plainly as words could express our meaning, enunciated our conclusions upon certain Biblical difficulties.

  16. Such considerations loudly call for a full exposition of the errors and evils of biblical theology, so long concealed under the sacred garb of "inspiration.

  17. And yet, according to the biblical history of the case, they got along as well, were as moral and as happy, as when their God was with them.

  18. Since that juncture in biblical theology culminated, a new theory has been set on foot to dispose of the scientific errors of the Bible.

  19. Mr. Ernstein, in his "Principles of Biblical Interpretation" (p.

  20. In no other way than by the adoption of such an expedient could two thousand biblical errors have been brought to notice in a single volume.

  21. We will look at the random guessing at the meaning of a single word of a single text by the most learned students and scholars in biblical literature.

  22. Biblical scholar of Vienna who has written a book on the politics of Isaiah and discussed the germs of historical veridity in the history of Abraham.

  23. It is also an older disease, for the ancient Egyptians knew it, and the Biblical King Esarhaddon of Assyria, as the records of his court show, once caught it.

  24. In the last five the reference is to the true Palm of Biblical and classical fame, as the emblem of victory, and the typical representation of life and beauty in the midst of barren waste and deserts.

  25. The word has an interest from its biblical associations, though modern scholars decide that the Zizania is wrongly translated Tares, and that it is rather a bastard Wheat or Darnel.

  26. James Thompson to the editor of The Biblical Review.

  27. James Thompson has published (Biblical Review, March, 1847), the result of inquiries made thirty years ago by Dr.

  28. The mind which reads it by such light as may be obtained only from biblical sources can hardly fail to be newly puzzled at every step.

  29. Then between these two peoples is an eternal feud, with an occasional truce, or, in biblical phrase, 'reconciliation.

  30. The present generation has little reason to deny the appropriateness of the biblical descriptions of Scythian hordes as locusts.

  31. But let us pass beyond the Persian legend, carrying that and the biblical story together, for submission to the criticism of a Brahman.

  32. None the less must we see in the biblical account of the Flood the action of tempestuous water-demons.

  33. We discovered that none of them had ever even heard of Santa Claus, although most of them confessed to a reluctant biblical acquaintance with Adam and Eve.

  34. But once you realize your own immortality (I make a distinction here between the self-consciousness of immortality and the loud preaching of it that a man may do just from biblical hearsay), you are a lonesome waif in a bad storm.

  35. Both these tests should be applied to scientific objections to the Bible, as they are all composed of equal parts of biblical blunders, and philosophical fallacies.

  36. In every instance where its monuments have spoken of biblical affairs they have confirmed the accuracy of the Bible history.

  37. All Anti-Biblical Theories Based on an If.

  38. No Biblical student seems to have given a satisfactory reason.

  39. Although our modern manifestations have never attained the power mentioned in the Biblical records, they present some features which are not related in the New Testament.

  40. In many other places throughout these lands, deep students of Biblical lore are pushing on the work of excavation and daily adding to our knowledge concerning the peoples and nations in whom posterity must ever take a vital interest.

  41. The ruins of the celebrated synagogue of Capernaum, believed to be the very one in which the Saviour preached, have been unearthed and many other Biblical sites around the ancient city have been identified.

  42. Especially in Biblical lands is the explorer busy unearthing the relics of the mighty past and throwing a flood of light upon incidents and scenes long covered by the dust of centuries.

  43. He upbraided them for their infidelity to the tasks assigned to them by God,--tasks which Dante conceived with a Biblical definiteness and simplicity.

  44. Until recently it was generally taken for granted by Biblical scholars that there were no codices extant in the world but these five, which contained data of a nature to enable us to reconstruct the text of the Septuagint.

  45. Bickell, marks a new epoch in the history of Biblical criticism.

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