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Example sentences for "blubbered"

Lexicographically close words:
blowpipes; blows; blowsy; blowy; blubber; blubbering; blubbery; bluchers; blud; blude
  1. If one trembled too much, was caught holding Pa's shoulder for no reason, for fear of falling, or blubbered because of a scratch on the skin, her fate was settled.

  2. With cruel blows she pounds her blubbered cheeks.

  3. Thus she cried and lamented, and after she had wearied herself with sorrow and blubbered her face with teares, she closed the windowes of her hollow eyes, and laid her downe to sleepe.

  4. Which when she heard she turned her blubbered face covered with haire unto me saying, I pray you good man take good heed, and see well to your office.

  5. I had cried--blubbered away as though I were a red-cheeked little girl in a clean calico petticoat.

  6. I may have blushed and stammered, and I may have blubbered like a milksop, but it was not because I was afraid.

  7. He blubbered as his teeth went together like a pair of castanets.

  8. I'll fix you," blubbered Gill, "you great big coward!

  9. But he blubbered and blubbered like a peasant’s baby: ‘Father, you may kill me, but I must go there!

  10. So they have," blubbered Rose, whose pretty face was quite swollen with crying.

  11. With cruel blows she pounds her blubbered cheeks.

  12. He'd have blubbered like any old Zeuglodon Had Xerophthalmia not come on.

  13. In her room, Ma'am,' answered Betty, with blubbered cheeks.

  14. I blubbered in one corner of the coach, and he surveyed me with stern indifference from the other.

  15. He blubbered a pleine voix, and lifted up and lowered his handcuffed wrists with a see-saw motion really quite pathetical.

  16. Poor Milly's blubbered face expanded into a smile in spite of herself; but she shook her head, looking down.

  17. With cruel blows she pounds her blubbered cheeks.

  18. Pouch mouth, a mouth with blubbered or swollen lips.

  19. She blubbered to her husband, and he wrote Sir Charles a remonstrance.

  20. And even while you blubbered you were saying to yourself, 'What a clever billie I am!

  21. Her remaining two visits were to a similar effect, and one of the gentlemen came out of the ordeal somewhat less shamefully than the first, the other worse, for he blubbered and wanted to kiss her.

  22. Cuddie," blubbered out the faithful fille-de-chambre, sensible of the pain which her news were about to inflict on her young mistress.

  23. I won't stand it, that I won't;" and he blubbered as few have blubbered before.

  24. In the coal-hole," blubbered out poor Bobby.

  25. The railway employees blubbered in the corners, whilst the outer public squinted through the bars and bellowed: "Long live Tartarin!

  26. He doubted Montenegro, friendship, glory, and even lions; and the great man blubbered bitterly.

  27. When at last our purpose was accomplished, and the mast swayed to its fall, I could have sat me down and blubbered like a baby.

  28. He went on very justly praising Bertha for some time, till there was a tremulousness came into his voice which compelled him to stop, and I very nearly blubbered outright.

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