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Example sentences for "browses"

Lexicographically close words:
browns; brownstone; brows; browse; browsed; browsing; browt; broyled; brudder; brudders
  1. It browses there, among the weeds, just as its cousin, the land Snail, browses on your cabbages.

  2. The caterpillars become more or less scattered, settling singly on the branches around; each browses his pine-needle separately.

  3. When Eabani arrived, he who dwells in the mountains, and who browses upon the grass like the gazelles, who drinks with the animals, who sports with the beasts of the water, the priestess saw the satyr.

  4. It lost the long neck of the original species which browses in the open veld by the necessity to adapt its habits to the changed conditions of life within the forest.

  5. He browses on the husk and leaves of books, as the young fawn browses on the bark and leaves of trees.

  6. Yet there is one more descent into the depths where the main melody browses in dim searching.

  7. In its later musing the tune browses in the bass.

  8. However pressed by hunger, the caterpillar of the Spurge Hawk-moth, which browses on the tithymals, will allow itself to starve in front of a cabbage leaf which makes a peerless meal for the Pieris.

  9. As it browses and grows, the droppings of the animal nourish the herbage which here and there, by patches of more vigorous growth and deeper green, afford sure evidence of the value of these waste products.

  10. Nature has given him a propensity for animal food, which he obeys in the same manner as the sheep and ox when they feed upon grass, or as the ass when he browses upon the furze or thistles.

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