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Example sentences for "carafe"

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  1. Clayton inspected the ice water carafe on the stand and found it empty.

  2. Graham, carafe in hand, stood staring ahead of him.

  3. An empty carafe is brought by your confederate.

  4. This you should rinse and drain in the presence of your audience, in order to satisfy them that there is really no mistake, that the carafe is positively empty.

  5. The magician then inquires if any one would like a glass of lemonade, and being answered in the affirmative, he pours the same from the carafe by filling the glass in which the drops of lemonade extract have been placed.

  6. In this way the carafe is filled without the audience detecting.

  7. Place a carafe for the use of every two persons, and a salt cup and pepper box for every two persons.

  8. Place a carafe for the use of every two persons, and a salt cup and pepper box for every two.

  9. Finally, the carafe returns to the large table.

  10. I go to the dining-room in search of a carafe and a glass.

  11. A bouquet of flowers, placed in a carafe on the larger table, comes over onto ours, preceded by an agreeable perfume.

  12. I return with a glass and a carafe and pour out for her as much as she wishes.

  13. After some moments the curtain advances, the carafe is grasped, and the glass seems to be half full.

  14. Reaching across the table, Jasperson picked up the silver carafe and poured himself a glass of water.

  15. The water carafe had been turned over on the desk, and a few papers lay scattered on the floor.

  16. The space ceased to exist, the atoms crashed in upon each other, and the carafe seemed to disappear.

  17. Then the water carafe abruptly disappeared, its passage into apparent nothingness coincident with a faint "pop" as the air of the room rushed in to fill the vacuum.

  18. Please let me have a glass of something to drink," he added, seizing a carafe of water that stood on the table, "only not water.

  19. She brought out clean linen sheets, fragrant of mignonnette, and had the beds made; she ordered a carafe of water and candles near it on the little table.

  20. There was a dingy carafe standing in its little saucer on the centre of the table.

  21. He filled them with water from a carafe on the table, and, while the girl watched him with fascinated eyes, he deliberately tilted a spoonful or so of white crystals into each of them.

  22. He seized the carafe of water, plunged something pointed and shiny into it.

  23. When she came out, the carafe full, Bouillard himself, fat and rosy with sleep, was standing in his shop door.

  24. A carafe of cider stood at every plate, for Normans are thirsty and their heads strong.

  25. Madame Chalumeau flopped her omelet again, slid it to a platter and set a carafe of cider on the table.

  26. Even now a small child in a black smock stood at his door, waiting to fill his carafe with the black wine that had stained its sides to such a beautiful violet hue.

  27. A small, shaded lamp stood upon the table they had gathered round, and the light sparkled on delicate green glasses and a carafe of wine.

  28. A carafe of Spanish wine and some glasses stood on a table close by.

  29. He pushed the carafe across the table, but Dick picked up his glass, which he had left about half full.

  30. It was the cue for Andoche to slip gratefully into a chair, possess the carafe and prepare to listen.

  31. The stuff is always tepid, for the water in the carafe has a temperature of 80 degrees.

  32. The water in the carafe was also interesting, because quite mad, standing diagonally in the bottle, and then reversing.

  33. In a minute he was brought a carafe of whiskey and a big bottle of Perrier in a silver stand.

  34. Upon it also was an open bottle of whiskey, the carafe of water from the washstand and a bedroom tumbler.

  35. She hastened to where a great cut-glass carafe and its goblet stood on the oak sideboard.

  36. This was not the direction in which he was accustomed to approach excess, but he remembered gladly that he had a carafe of brandy in the room.

  37. I have seen her on the coldest days suddenly empty a carafe of water over the fire, for fear of the house catching.

  38. She sprang up trembling in every limb, and supporting herself against a table, seized a gilded carafe and poured out a full goblet of wine, which she drank.

  39. Dame Tremblay kept a carafe of it in her room to raise the temperature of her low spirits and vapors to summer heat, not that she drank, far from it, but she liked to sip a little for her stomach's sake.

  40. Captain Blaise had decanted another bottle and was viewing the rich-colored bubbles as he held the carafe up against the light.

  41. I tested the water that was in my carafe last night, and found that it had been tampered with.

  42. Adorned with sountings fair of sweet campak, A carafe tall will hold the sherbet rare; Without thee, everything my heart would lack; Thou'rt like an angel come from heaven so fair.

  43. A carafe tall will hold the sherbet rare, Most excellent for woman's feeble frame.

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