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Example sentences for "carbonyl"

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  1. The diketones contain two carbonyl groups, and are distinguished as [alpha] or 1.

  2. Sodium amalgam reduces them to secondary alcohols; phosphorus pentachloride replaces the carbonyl oxygen by chlorine, forming the ketone chlorides.

  3. On oxidation, the molecule is split at the carbonyl group and a mixture of acids is obtained.

  4. By transformations of the carbonyl group, and at the same time of the hydroxyl group, many interesting types of nitrogen compounds may be correlated.

  5. C:O (sometimes termed the carbonyl or keto group) characterizes the ketones (q.

  6. Thus a double bond of oxygen, as in the carbonyl group CO, requires a larger volume than a single bond, as in the hydroxyl group -OH, being about 12.

  7. The carbonyl oxygen may also be replaced by the oxime group, :N.

  8. By the action of hydroxylamine or phenylhydrazine on aldehydes or ketones, condensation occurs between the carbonyl oxygen of the aldehyde or ketone and the amino group of the hydroxylamine or hydrazine.

  9. This group may be considered as resulting from the fusion of a carbonyl (:CO) and a hydroxyl (HO.

  10. A larger and more important series of condensations may be grouped together as resulting from the elimination of the elements of water between carbonyl (CO) and methylene (CH2) groups.

  11. OC2H5, is formed by the addition of well-cooled absolute alcohol to phosgene (carbonyl chloride).

  12. In contact with chlorine monoxide it forms carbonyl chloride and thionyl chloride (P.

  13. Carbonyl chloride (phosgene), COCl2, was first obtained by John Davy (Phil.

  14. Though denoted by a formula identical with that of carbon monoxide, it is chemically distinct, as carbon seems to be divalent in carbon monoxide, but tetravalent in carbonyl compounds.

  15. Nascent hydrogen reduces them to primary alcohols, and phosphorus pentachloride replaces the carbonyl oxygen by chlorine.

  16. It is readily polymerized, small quantities of hydrochloric acid, zinc chloride, carbonyl chloride, &c.

  17. Defn: One of a large class of organic substances resembling the aldehydes, obtained by the distillation of certain salts of organic acids and consisting of carbonyl (CO) united with two hydrocarbon radicals.

  18. CO, by the action of aluminium chloride and carbonyl chloride on thiophene.

  19. CO, by the action of aluminium chloride and carbonyl chloride on thiophene.

  20. As the reaction is mainly confined to the cellulose of the fibre, we have this additional evidence that the typical carbonyl is of ketonic function.

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