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Example sentences for "chivalrously"

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  1. Auberoch, beleagured by the French, and chivalrously relieved by the English, II.

  2. Henry had on his side more than a hundred thousand men in harness, from Castile, Portugal, and other states; and well and chivalrously did they sustain his cause.

  3. The Frenchmen did not decline the combat; and it was chivalrously maintained till a winter's return of morn.

  4. And this was well and chivalrously achieved, for virtue was protected; and in affording this protection, Azzo defied the power of the King of Italy.

  5. The colonel chivalrously bowed to the ladies while on foot; then, he mounted his horse with a bound, and the transport and escort trotted away.

  6. Perhaps the new detective perceived the state of unrest and terrible suspense in which many of the company were on account of Squire Walker's vagaries, and chivalrously sought to deliver them.

  7. Englishmen had grown proud of their beautiful Princess, and were chivalrously disposed to take up the cause of her little country.

  8. Nothing, however, could be more frank or chivalrously devoted than the language of Maurice to the Queen.

  9. He chivalrously took sides at once with the unhappy Alice; no matter how shrewish the absconding wife might be, only a brute of a husband would fling such a message at her head.

  10. Then he'll walk out and draw a thousand dollars from one of our little private banks further along the road for so chivalrously throwing himself into the breach!

  11. And he chivalrously allowed her the satisfaction of having got the best of him in repartee.

  12. Jock was such a perfect squire of dames, and so chivalrously charmed to be her escort, that her journey was delightful, nor did she grow sad till it was over.

  13. Bruce taunted them for attacking with arrows, three to one, and they chivalrously threw down their bows and drew their swords.

  14. On getting near, however, and perceiving that Randolph was holding his own, Douglas chivalrously halted his men.

  15. The political perspicuity of the address was perhaps somewhat obscured by its being chivalrously pointed towards those fair beings who brighten our existence and lengthen our griefs.

  16. After accomplishing my task, after chivalrously fighting my duel, and conquering the papers, what will be my reward?

  17. There were passages in it that unmistakably bore the impress of Victor Hugo, and the latter chivalrously wrote to the newspapers to say that those parts which had been hissed were his own work.

  18. He had never mixed ardently in politics, but he was so chagrined at the banishment of Hugo that he chivalrously resolved never to visit Louis Napoleon or the Tuileries again; and he resolutely adhered to this decision.

  19. From what other dwelling could rush forth such a passion for a man's respect, such a fury to be rightly and chivalrously considered?

  20. None could be kinder, or more chivalrously generous, and he practised with complacency in Munster treachery and cruelty which he abhorred in a Spaniard of Trinidad.

  21. Grenville was conveyed on board a Spanish galley, where he was chivalrously treated.

  22. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chivalrously" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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