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Example sentences for "clods"

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  1. Its sides were lined with loose pellets of earth of the average size of a tennis ball, and when we slid down into the hole these rounded clods accompanied us in small avalanches.

  2. Their shovel blades flashed in the sunlight and the clods flew up in showers.

  3. He was sitting down, throwing clods into the air, and catching them as they fell, and this appeared to be an engrossing task.

  4. He picked up clods and tossed them at adjacent objects.

  5. And the Perkins boy stood by stolidly while the dry clods were rumbling upon the pine box in the grave.

  6. And somebody else's filly will be making its mile in less time than yours when the clods are falling on your coffin.

  7. Then go over it with an ordinary harrow until all clods are broken and the soil is fine and well closed.

  8. Where will clods do the least harm--on top of the soil or below the surface?

  9. The soil must be made compact and clods of all sizes must be crushed.

  10. Together they went slowly up the low, brown incline over the clods of upturned earth.

  11. After a single minute of breathless surprise he tossed the long ropes on the ground, and, leaving the plough, came rapidly across the loose clods of upturned earth.

  12. Unburnt bricks, bamboos or boards having then been placed over the smaller grave, the persons present with both hands throw clods of earth three times into the grave.

  13. Bright as are the colours of the yellowhammer, when he alights among the brown clods of the ploughed field he is barely visible, for brown conceals like vapour.

  14. The gravediggers took up their spades and flung heavy clods of clay in on the coffin.

  15. A mound of damp clods rose more, rose, and the gravediggers rested their spades.

  16. Ye shall seek Me' fell, like the clods on a coffin-lid, with a hollow sound on the hearts of the Apostles.

  17. We halted at a spot where the trench was broken in somewhat and where the fresh new clods upon the dirt shelf halfway up it were all stained a strange, poisonous green colour.

  18. When the farmer ploughed up the land, Quailie used to hop about over the clods and pick up seeds, or weeds, or worms, or anything that the plough turned up, and he ate these and lived on them.

  19. Once a significant crumbling of the earth and fall of a few heavy clods threatened a collapse where the gallery was under the edge of the trench.

  20. And as he picked himself up again the air darkened with whizzing clods and mud and dust and stones and dirt that rained down from the sky.

  21. Life would hardly be worth living; its struggles would be disastrous, its triumphs vain, empty bubbles, if the clods that fall upon the coffin and the sprig of evergreen tell the whole story of an Odd-Fellow.

  22. The rank grass was growing amongst the clods of sun-baked yellow clay; the high white wall rose behind the crossed sticks; the sun beat down on the place: there was nothing else.

  23. Tears of sorrow, sympathy, regret and indignation were mingled with the clods as they descended upon the butchered bodies of those victims of tyranny.

  24. Some years after he had slumbered under the clods of the valley, Gen.

  25. I knew he would have to ascend those stairs, so I went up and locked the door on the inside, and came down into the garden, which had been newly ploughed and was rich in choice firm clods of black mold.

  26. The clods smashing against the weather-boarding fetched my mother out to see what was the matter, and I tried to explain that I was amusing Henry.

  27. The speech to the scoffing Sadducee Is not in point to you and me; For how could Christ have taught such clods That Caesar's things are also God's?

  28. Clay grafts and clods conceive the rose, So base still fathers best.

  29. His coarse-fisted hands lay like clods on his thick knees; and the tops of his Wellington boots showed round under the trouser-legs.

  30. The roller crushed clods and compressed the soil, leaving a firm, compact seed bed.

  31. If we choose to be no more than clods of clay," says Marie Corelli, "then we shall be used as clods of clay for braver feet to tread on.

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