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  1. They 're as regular as clockwork on this station.

  2. Between the tower and the church was a close screen, the door of which was kept shut during services, hiding this grotesque clockwork from sight.

  3. II On the ninth of November, at three o'clock in the afternoon, Baptiste went into the tower to see that the clockwork was in order for the night.

  4. There were no more accidents to the clockwork after the first one was repaired.

  5. No matter how the injury to the clockwork was done.

  6. It was not a desperate vigil like that affair with the broken clockwork eight years before.

  7. He pushed at the lever that set the clockwork in motion.

  8. In other meters the current passes through a species of galvanometer called an ampere meter, and controls a clockwork counter.

  9. Watch the needles on the paper as the clockwork revolves the drums.

  10. Craig was still standing by the table, but now the pendulums with the magnets and needles and the drums worked by clockwork were before him.

  11. As for the bombs, they cannot explode till the clockwork is wound.

  12. Shall I set the clockwork going and so put a stop to the course these fools are taking?

  13. Yes, a little cunning and I shall lay the bombs, set the clockwork in motion, and go.

  14. When the stop pin has passed the spring, the connection through the magnets T is broken and the clockwork F stops instantly.

  15. The starting and stopping of the clockwork F is accomplished by means of a set of bell magnets, arranged, as shown at T, Fig.

  16. The Germans were putting a shell every minute with clockwork regularity into the colonel's "happy home" and at intervals four shells in a salvo.

  17. Regularly as clockwork every other Monday, after the Hell of Sunday, I would request to see the Direktor.

  18. Dorothy knew almost everybody in Oz, and it was she who had discovered the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion, as well as Tik-Tok the Clockwork Man.

  19. When properly made, the clockwork automobile should run a distance of from twenty to twenty-five feet upon a wooden floor, while about three-quarters of that distance should be covered upon a floor with a fairly smooth carpet.

  20. A Clockwork Tick-tack=, such as is illustrated in Fig.

  21. By attaching a set of clockworks in the same manner as described for the automobiles, you can make =A Clockwork Railway=, constructing the cars similarly to the street car shown in Fig.

  22. If he fixes his harpoon in the bow of the enemy, it will then only be necessary to row away; the harpoon and line being fixed to the ship, will pull the Torpedo out of the boat, and at the same instant set the clockwork in motion.

  23. A, is the brass box with the clockwork lock; D, the pin which prevents the clockwork moving; the line from the pin is tied to a bolt, or otherwise fixed to the boat as at E.

  24. In page 22, I have given an estimate for a clockwork and harpooning Torpedo.

  25. In the brass box A there is also a piece of clockwork moved by a spring, which being wound up and set, will let the lock strike fire in any number of minutes which may be determined within one hour.

  26. Expecting the enemy here, I have not been idle, I have prepared 9 torpedoes with locks that strike fire by concussion, and four with clockwork locks.

  27. I then filled one of the Torpedoes with one hundred and eighty pounds of powder, and set its clockwork to eighteen minutes.

  28. If a vessel were under sail, running more than two miles an hour, one minute would be sufficient time for the clockwork to act before explosion.

  29. Thus fastened, when the Torpedo is pulled into the water, the pin D will remain in the boat, and the clockwork will begin to act.

  30. Why, a clockwork dancer, or, better still, one that would go by electricity and never run down.

  31. A clockwork figure would be the thing for you,' said the girl who had interrupted.

  32. It was as if it quivered, but really this was the telescope vibrating with the activity of the clockwork that kept the planet in view.

  33. Ann was greatly provoked at this mark of favor shown to the humble Clockwork Man, but Shaggy seemed much pleased that his old friend's importance had been recognized by the ruler of this remarkable country.

  34. Then he ran to lift the heavy diamond off Tik-Tok's chest and to assist the Clockwork Man to his feet.

  35. But the clockwork that enabled him to speak had been wound up and he kept saying: "Pick-me-up!

  36. This is Tik-Tok, the Clockwork Man--who works better than some meat people.

  37. The nomes did not await the Clockwork Man's attack but in a twinkling disappeared into the underground caverns.

  38. Queen Ann, who was winding up the clockwork of her Private Soldier, so he could fight more briskly.

  39. We will make the Clockwork Man the private soldier!

  40. Hearing this, the Citizen rose and bowed respectfully to the Clockwork Man.

  41. The Clockwork Man saw the stream and the stepping stones and, without making a pause, placed his foot upon the first stone.

  42. This Nome King is really a powerful fellow and has a legion of nomes to assist him, whereas our bold Queen commands a Clockwork Man and a band of faint-hearted officers.

  43. Tik-Tok has served me and my comrades faithfully, as you requested him to do, and I hope you will now transport the Clockwork Man back to your fairyland of Oz.

  44. Fritz, "don't you know there are iron wheels in the clockwork of the large kitchen-jacks?

  45. I; "give me the great clockwork out of a church tower, perhaps I might be able to relieve your labors.

  46. In and out of a clear patch of moonlight they swayed, in and out of the black shadow of the hulk, silently, like clockwork marionettes.

  47. Ten to one, if I but knew, You are clockwork figures too.

  48. Clockwork figures may be found Everywhere and all around.

  49. I am perfectly sure it isn't," answered Father Brown, "only you said that nobody could connect snuff and diamonds and clockwork and candles.

  50. Oh, I don't know much about it, it's some clockwork invention for doing all the housework by machinery.

  51. They had cast off their coats, but the yellow waistcoat and white hair of Saradine, the red waistcoat and white trousers of Antonelli, glittered in the level light like the colours of the dancing clockwork dolls.

  52. Honestly, and all above board, those big clockwork dolls of mine do bring your coals or claret or a timetable quicker than any live servants I've ever known, if you know which knob to press.

  53. But as Angus closed the front door behind him he saw Smythe push back a button, and one of the clockwork images glided from its place and slid along a groove in the floor carrying a tray with syphon and decanter.

  54. The clockwork was set, also a fire was laid in case the clockwork failed.

  55. Fuses were connected with an exploding clockwork and the powder.

  56. And in addition to this there is the question of gearing, involving extra weight and friction; that is, if flat steel springs similar to those used in clockwork mechanism be made use of, as is generally the case.

  57. This is released periodically by clockwork at intervals of one, two, five, ten, or fifteen seconds respectively, according to the requirements of the experiment.

  58. A second set of wheels connected with the clockwork moves the plate-holder in a lateral direction.

  59. The carrier of the plate-holder slides backwards and forwards on ball bearings; a wheel in the clockwork connected with an eccentric is released periodically, at intervals which may be varied between one and five seconds.

  60. I have succeeded in overcoming the difficulty of securing uniformity of duration of shock by the employment of a special clockwork device.

  61. Electromagnet M, M′, periodically magnetized by completion of electric current by clockwork C.

  62. At right angles to the lever is the writing index W, which traces on a smoked glass plate allowed to fall at a definite rate by clockwork the responsive movement of the leaf.

  63. A clockwork C carries a rotating arm, which makes periodic contact with a pool of mercury contained in the vessel V, once in a minute.

  64. The clockwork is governed by a revolving fan which can be gradually opened out by a regulating screw.

  65. The manner in which that clockwork johnnie stopped in his tracks and eyed us as we passed?

  66. The butts of the rifles came down on the ship's deck with the precision of clockwork and the rattle was ominous.

  67. If the native wreckers had such a lantern in their possession, probably they had some kind of clockwork and could alter the occultation of their decoy so that it would duplicate any one of several different lights on the coast.

  68. And with the routine of clockwork two of the Miami's boats were in the water and off for the derelict.

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