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  1. A run was made with 1 ampere and then with 2 amperes for one hour.

  2. This gives a current density of nearly ¼ ampere per square inch and 0.

  3. This was taken merely as an illustration, because its specific resistance was known when the current density was ¼ ampere per square inch.

  4. You can't be too careful when you're dealing with electricity of high voltage, and great ampere strength.

  5. At once the hand fell to zero, indicating that there was not an ampere of current left.

  6. An average European can perceive a current as feeble as six micro-amperes, a micro-ampere being a millionth part of the electric unit.

  7. An average European could by his tongue detect an electrical current as feeble as six micro-amperes, a micro-ampere being a millionth part of a unit of electrical current.

  8. Ampere announced the news to the Academy, which thereupon decided to adjourn.

  9. I replied to him by the same usher: Toutefois ce serait pis D'aller d'Ampere en Empis.

  10. Ampere for establishing it; and the English chemist has very justly acknowledged the obligation.

  11. Ampere communicated his views to me in the most liberal manner: they were formed in consequence of my ideas on chlorine, and supported by reasonings drawn from the experiments of MM.

  12. Discoveries in Electro-magnetism by Ampere and Arago.

  13. A continuous electric current of one ampere is defined to be one which deposits electrolytically 0.

  14. Ampere are to be found in Sainte-Beuve's Portraits litteraires, vol.

  15. An instrument of the latter type of considerable accuracy was designed by Lord Kelvin for the British Board of Trade Electrical Laboratory, and it is there used as the principal standard ampere balance.

  16. An alternating current of one ampere is defined to be one which produces the same heat in a second in a wire as the unit continuous current defined as above to be one ampere.

  17. The great novelty in the ampere balances of Lord Kelvin was a joint or electric coupling, which is at once exceedingly flexible and yet capable of being constructed to carry with safety any desired current.

  18. One ampere is one coulomb per second, two amperes are two coulombs per second, and so on.

  19. Its sensitiveness is such that a current of a thousandth of a micro-ampere will move the spot of light appreciably.

  20. The three units--the volt, ampere and ohm--are so related that a pressure of one volt acting upon a circuit with a resistance of one ohm will produce a current of one ampere.

  21. The reader will probably have noticed from what has already been said about the units of measurement--the volt, the ampere and the ohm--that the current varies directly as the pressure and inversely as the resistance.

  22. And when one comes to consider that a micro-ampere is a millionth part of an ampere this is perfectly astounding.

  23. Thus the practical definition of the ampere is "that current which when passed through a solution of silver nitrate in water will deposit silver at the rate of .

  24. The life of the cells must be expressed upon the principle of ampere hours or the amount of energy given off by them.

  25. We called it an ampere register, but no doubt we would give it a better name to-day.

  26. Ampere arrived in Weimar a few days ago, and proved to be a lively youth, some twenty years old; and we were no less surprised when, in the course of further intercourse, he told us that the whole of the contributors of the.

  27. Ampere in the Parisian Globe of last year, in a manner no less excellent, and this affected Goethe so agreeably that he very often recurred to it, and expressed his great obligations to it.

  28. When a greater ampere capacity is required, two or more rectifier sets can be joined to one circuit.

  29. Second, if the conditions are reversed, and the wire A is thicker than B, the latter will have an increase of voltage, but a lower ampere flow than in A.

  30. An ampere is an electromotive force of one volt through a resistance of one ohm.

  31. The unit of electric power is called the watt; it is the power furnished by a current of one ampere with a voltage of one volt.

  32. A current is said to be one ampere strong if it will deposit silver on an electrode at the rate of 0.

  33. The relation between the units volt, ampere and ohm, are shown graphically in figs.

  34. What is the difference between an ampere and a coulomb?

  35. Milli-ammeters or milli-voltmeters are instruments in which the scale is graduated to read directly in thousandths of an ampere or thousandths of a volt respectively.

  36. An ampere is the unit rate of flow of the current, and a coulomb is the unit quantity of electricity, that is, the ampere is the rate of current flow that will deposit .

  37. This is a device for registering the maximum ampere demand of appreciable duration in any electrical circuit.

  38. How much copper or zinc will one ampere deposit in one second?

  39. In meters of larger ampere capacities, a voltage tap is used.

  40. To calculate the current strength, divide the volume of gas liberated by the time in seconds, and by the volume of gas liberated (in cubic centimeters) by one ampere in one second and by .

  41. An ammeter or ampere meter is simply a commercial form of galvanometer so constructed that the deflection of the needle indicates directly the strength of current in amperes.

  42. The rate of current flow of one ampere in fig.

  43. The International ampere is represented sufficiently well for practical use by the unvarying current which, when passed through a silver voltameter (as described above) deposits silver at the rate of .

  44. The ampere is the unit which measures the amount of current.

  45. In order to express quantity of energy, it is necessary to state the length of time the energy is to act and originally the watt represented the energy of a volt-ampere for one second.

  46. The ampere meter or ammeter, as it is termed, is the proper indicator of the strength of the cell.

  47. The volt, ampere and ohm are terms that are used to express the conditions of the electric circuit; the watt and the kilowatt are units that are employed in measuring its quantity in commercial usage.

  48. A 10-watt lamp on a 10-volt circuit will require an ampere of current.

  49. A filament suitable for an ampere of current is shorter and heavier than that of the 110-volt lamp and therefore furnishes a good form of construction.

  50. Furnish and install in dining-room, where indicated on plans, an approved floor box containing an approved 25-ampere plug receptacle.

  51. The ampere-hour represents an ampere of current for one hour.

  52. It will discharge an ampere of current for 80 hours.

  53. The ampere is the unit chosen to designate the strength of the electric current.

  54. A cell of a battery that will run 10 hours with an output of over 1 ampere can be made as follows: Secure a jar about 4 in.

  55. A 5-ampere fuse wire is about strong enough.

  56. By keeping in mind the ampere output of the battery and rating of the lamp, one can regulate the batteries as required.

  57. Alternating current trip coils have relatively high impedance and impose a heavy volt ampere load on the current transformers.

  58. Diagram showing relative direction of current, magnetic flux, and motion of disc in Faraday disc, or mercury motor ampere hour meter.

  59. Care is exercised to reduce to a minimum the volt ampere load imposed by the relay on the current transformer to permit the use of un-stranded meters and relays upon the same transformer.

  60. Meters exceeding 100 ampere capacity have five ampere coils and are operated from external current transformers having 5 ampere secondaries.

  61. Sectional view of Faraday disc or mercury motor ampere hour meter as made by Sangamo Electric Co.

  62. The top tray is connected with the line through a 60 ampere fuse, and the bottom tray is connected to the tank which is thoroughly grounded by means of a lug.

  63. They have relatively high impedance and impose a heavy volt ampere load on the transformers.

  64. In the case of a 10 ampere meter, it will make one complete revolution in one hour and for a 20 ampere, two revolutions, and so on.

  65. Lengthening the air gap; This increases the reluctance, and also necessitates more ampere turns in the field winding.

  66. A one hundred ampere fuse may be made by taking four wires of twenty-five amperes capacity.

  67. It is sold at sevenpence a gallon, and each gallon is sufficient, we are informed, to drive a cell while it generates 800 ampere hours of current, or, taking the electromotive force at 1.

  68. On this basis one kilowatt hour gives 272 ampere hours and as one ampere hour is theoretically capable of producing 1.

  69. Ballanche and his young friend Ampere discussed questions of history and philosophy, and Madame Recamier gave an air of elegance to an apartment in the meanest inn.

  70. But he came to the Abbaye rarely, and when his friend Ampere asked him the reason, he replied: "It is an assembly of persons too illustrious for my obscurity.

  71. He was born in 1813, and was still a student, and in his twentieth year, when first presented by Ampere to Madame Recamier.

  72. The day before, Ampere and Madame Salvage had dined with her, and on the morning of her seizure her niece's daughter Juliette had been reading to her the memoirs of Madame de Motteville.

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