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  1. The next morning the Clockmaker proposed to take a drive round the neighborhood.

  2. When we resumed our conversation, the Clockmaker said, "I guess we are the greatest nation on the face of the airth, and the most enlightened too.

  3. As we approached the Inn at Amherst, the Clockmaker grew uneasy.

  4. That, said the Clockmaker as soon as we were mounted, that I call 'HUMAN NATUR!

  5. The Clockmaker was evidently excited by his own story, and to indemnify himself for these remarks on his countrymen, he indulged for some time in ridiculing the Nova Scotians.

  6. I will enquire of the Clockmaker the secret of his success.

  7. In the morning the Clockmaker informed me that a Justice's Court was to be held that day at Pugnose's Inn, and he guessed be could do a little business among the country folks that would be assembled there.

  8. The Clockmaker was an observing man, and communicative.

  9. His subsequent work is sufficient indication that he developed into an extremely skilled craftsman, and he became the equal of any clockmaker of his time.

  10. The second clock may have been the last project on which the priest and the clockmaker worked together, for very good reasons.

  11. Clockmaker Bertolla Bartolomeo Antonio Bertolla was born in Mocenigo di Rumo, a short distance from Mechel, in 1702.

  12. However, when the priest and the clockmaker put the finishing touches to their great clock, the result surpassed the greatest possible expectations, for it was truly a masterpiece.

  13. At the age of 17 he was apprenticed to become a clockmaker with the master, Johann Georg Butzjaeger of Neulengbach, a small village on the edge of the great Vienna woods.

  14. Another significant maker was Dowe Williamson, who became Court Clockmaker to Emperor Charles VI of Austria.

  15. A poor clockmaker came straight to Lenz one day, and declared he would not say a word of these secret doings if he was only paid his own deposit.

  16. For whilst the story was being told, Marie couldn't doubt for a moment that the clever clockmaker at Pirlipat's father's court was Godpapa Drosselmeier himself.

  17. What he did was to lay all the blame on the court Clockmaker and Arcanist, Christian Elias Drosselmeier, of Nuernberg.

  18. The king, furious at the idea of a nutcracker being brought before him as a son-in-law, laid all the blame upon the clockmaker and the astronomer, and ordered them both to be banished for ever.

  19. The clockmaker and the astronomer were wild with terror and consternation, but they saw that Dame Mouseyrinks was wallowing in her gore on the floor.

  20. In 1733, clockmaker and weaver John Kay invented a flying shuttle for weaving.

  21. Clockmaker and Quaker Benjamin Huntsman was struck with the difficulty of finding finely tempered steel for the springs of his watches and pendulums of his clocks.

  22. Others were traced to the Drouillet above mentioned as a possible thief, and others to Fossard’s brother, a clockmaker of Paris.

  23. In such a case the clockmaker had better be at once consulted.

  24. Persons requiring to know the cost of a Church or Turret Clock should furnish the Clockmaker with the following data:-- How many Dials?

  25. Upon a bench before the house sat a man whom we have seen before, the clockmaker Fallen.

  26. But he spent by far the greater part of his time with Lenz the clockmaker on the Morgenhalde.

  27. One poor clockmaker came to Lenz and promised to betray nothing if he might but have restored to him what was rightfully his.

  28. The kind old clockmaker slipped an arm about his shoulders.

  29. It wasn't all smooth sailing, being a clockmaker in those days," he declared.

  30. These a trained clockmaker instantly recognizes--the use of brass pins to hold the dial in place, for one thing.

  31. I see you are not one to keep hitching and twiddling around," the clockmaker presently remarked, with a twinkle.

  32. They were sitting together at the repairing bench, the clockmaker busy with an old chronometer.

  33. Many persons use them," the clockmaker averred.

  34. A clockmaker has to have imagination, you see.

  35. Maybe no harm's done," the clockmaker hastened to say soothingly.

  36. The brass basketwork across the top is a relic of the old bird-cage clock which just preceded this one, and was cast by the metalsmith and then purchased by the clockmaker as were the spandrels.

  37. Not yet, Bailey," the clockmaker replied without, however, looking up.

  38. David Rittenhouse of Philadelphia was an exceedingly skillful clockmaker who not only had to his credit many fine timepieces but also some very complicated and remarkable ones.

  39. These ornaments were roughly cast in brass and afterward more carefully lacquered and finished by the clockmaker himself.

  40. The clockmaker must, therefore, take care to regulate the length of his pendulum to correspond with this law.

  41. He was indeed the most celebrated clockmaker of the age; he had brought to perfection every branch of his art.

  42. The great metamorphosis which was effected so suddenly in the young clockmaker was very remarkable.

  43. Bréguet was member of the Institute, was clockmaker to the navy, and member of the Bureau of Longitude.

  44. The circle of his acquaintanceship also included Kay, a clockmaker of Warrington, who had assisted Highs on several occasions in his investigations.

  45. The sentries will all be questioned, and it will be found that, whereas but one clockmaker came in two went out.

  46. Breguet was member of the Institute, was clockmaker to the navy, and member of the Bureau of Longitude.

  47. Could that poor misshapen clockmaker be in love with her?

  48. Whatever was to happen, it would not do to allow the clockmaker to break away from him, and mingle unaccompanied in the throng.

  49. The clockmaker did not say anything for a moment.

  50. The amateur clockmaker drew himself out with the proper precautions for so noble a timepiece.

  51. I have a good mind to appoint you Clockmaker Extraordinary to the Royal Household, do you hear?

  52. He repaid the clockmaker with honest toil.

  53. In due course he learned the trades of goldsmith and clockmaker and established his own shop in Windham, which, according to an advertisement (fig.

  54. Andrew was the son of Joseph Ellicott, the clockmaker and pioneer industrialist who founded Ellicotts Mills.

  55. In addition to his trade as a clockmaker and gunsmith, Baily achieved local eminence as an astronomer, mathematician, and surveyor.

  56. In 1770 William Williams established himself as a mathematical instrument maker and clockmaker at No.

  57. Henry's son Thomas Voight worked as a clockmaker on North Seventh Street in Philadelphia around 1811.

  58. Optical and Philosophical Instruments maker and Clockmaker from London .

  59. Wilmington, Delaware, was apparently well established as a clockmaker in the community by the time of his marriage in 1746 to Mary Laudonet.

  60. Although the tax records for 1796 described Dring as an "Optician" he was also a clockmaker and maker of scientific instruments.

  61. After serving an apprenticeship, he worked as a clockmaker and silversmith in Boston.

  62. It happened one day, many years after reading this, I chanced to be talking to a village clockmaker about watches.

  63. The clockmaker fumbled with an anecdote, and tried to tell me of another sort of magnetism which had got into a watch.

  64. The tripe-seller called to the grocer's men, the little clockmaker came out on to the pavement, the neighbors leant out of their windows; and all these people talked about the scallop with its white cotton fringe.

  65. Coupeau, noticing the little clockmaker looked very thirsty, held up a bottle; and as the other nodded his head, he carried him the bottle and a glass.

  66. Even the neat little clockmaker was said to have carried on with his own daughter, a streetwalker.

  67. Years after the young clockmaker married his old blind friend's daughter, and after many years of hard, steady work, succeeded in repairing and improving the clock, which was the predecessor of the one now in the cathedral.

  68. The clockmaker had previously sent his servant away, for he was afraid of her.

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