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Example sentences for "commiserating"

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comminuting; comminution; commis; commiserate; commiserated; commiseration; commissa; commissaires; commissariat; commissaries
  1. Why, I mislaid my glove when I was coming away, and it was as good as a play to hear her commiserating and sympathizing, and hunting for it as if it were a lost baby.

  2. Johnnyboy rested his elbows on her knees, and watched her with a grieved and commiserating superiority.

  3. Sevenths are very important dissonances in music, and a commiserating seventh is most likely the variety called a minor seventh.

  4. In a certain town, commiserating the spiritual blindness of an idolater, who was also a comedian, he sold himself to him for twenty pieces of money.

  5. The saint, commiserating the blindness of the pagan inhabitants on the coast, passed over to the continent, and instructed them in the faith.

  6. Miss Temple must have understood the meaning of the old man better than the other listeners; for while Louisa stood innocently by her side, commiserating the griefs of the hunter, she bent her head aside, so as to conceal her features.

  7. They talked incessantly of all possible perils, commiserating with one another at being abroad in such times as these.

  8. Wherever the commiserating face of a Madonna gazed down from her icon, there hung one of these placards, which was destined to let loose the worst passions of which man is capable.

  9. The poor had a commiserating friend in her and the sick a tender nurse.

  10. Howbeit the Bishop of York commiserating their deplorable Condition within his Diocess, charitably disposed of them in Monasteries under his Jurisdiction.

  11. It was another generous and tenderly commiserating spirit that poured additional oil and wine on the colonel's wounds.

  12. He would go directly back to his partners; they would laugh at him, of course, but they could not look at him now with the same sad, commiserating eyes.

  13. Then he continued, with a slightly commiserating look in Dr.

  14. True, true," replied the other, stroking his chin, and speaking in a commiserating tone.

  15. He looked down the room, and as through a mist saw the princess watching the scene and exchanging ironically commiserating remarks with her neighbors.

  16. He knew that the charitable neighbors were commiserating his mother and that in the opinion of the neighborhood she was regarded as a victim and himself as a monster.

  17. So commiserating that man, the High-minded One conducted him to the border of the inhabited region, and having put him on his way, said again: 35.

  18. Since the tenets of unbelief are blameable, those who are possessed by the vice of clinging to a false belief are especially worth commiserating by the virtuous.

  19. In this manner, then, those who are possessed by the vice of clinging to a false belief are especially worth commiserating by the virtuous; for the tenets of unbelief are blameable.

  20. Afflicted with a burning sorrow on account of the destruction of his hope, and vexed with fatigue felt the keener because of his despair, he will either sigh, commiserating my fate, or chide his own destiny.

  21. Alas," said Nick, with a commiserating glance at me, "he has the misfortune to be a lawyer.

  22. Your soul is parched," he said, in a commiserating tone.

  23. Be comforted, sir," said Nizza, in a commiserating tone.

  24. Dearest Mistress, Frequently revolving in my thoughts the condition I now am in, Despair stands ready to seize me; but the consideration and knowledge of your commiserating Nature, draws me out of its ruinating Jaws.

  25. With a commiserating look the carman reached for the food, and concealed it like an expert conjurer.

  26. You look, as far as I can see you through the dusk, as if you were commiserating us as poor forlorn creatures, but we have some resources within ourselves.

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