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commissioned; commissioner; commissioners; commissioning; commissionnaire; commissioun; commissural; commissure; commissures; commit
  1. It is the custom nowadays to have Ritual Commissions and Ritual Reports to make rather unmeaning compromises in the ceremonial of the Church of England.

  2. They would always be appointing Parliamentary Commissions to enquire into the private life of butchers.

  3. As soon as these young men, the Submarine Boys as they are called, are twenty-one, the Navy Department will bestir itself to give them actual commissions and make them real staff or line officers.

  4. Any graduate who chose might marry as soon as he pleased, but nearly all the men of the class preferred to wait until they had put in their two years at sea and had won their commissions as ensigns.

  5. How many families are incapable of existing, if the little offices of the revenue and little military commissions are denied them!

  6. The Commission of all military men who had acted under Governors {159} Dongan and Andros, had been called in, and other Commissions issued in the name of their present Majesties, and only to those who were well affected thereto.

  7. Washington expressed his contempt for officers who resigned their commissions in face of these distresses.

  8. Our commissions are from the admiralty, which represents the country; but dignities come from the prince who happens to reign, let his title be what it may.

  9. In reply Adams said that he had signed the three commissions on the same day in the hope "that an amicable adjustment or acquiescence might take place among the gentlemen themselves.

  10. According to a dispatch from Morris to the State Department, Genet "took with him three hundred blank commissions which he is to distribute to such as will fit out cruisers in our ports to prey on the British commerce.

  11. These operated under the general supervision of the War and Navy departments: Commissions on Training Camp Activities.

  12. In this work the Commissions on Training Camp Activities have represented the government and the government's solicitude that the moral and spiritual resources of the nation should be mobilized behind the troops.

  13. Afloat and ashore the organizations operating under the supervision of the two commissions gave to the men of the American forces home care, suitable recreation, and constant protection.

  14. In this section has been consolidated the handling of appointments, promotions, and commissions of the entire official personnel of the United States army.

  15. The elder was laboriously assorting these postscript commissions in his memory, well knowing that to return with any one of them neglected would cause trouble in the family circle.

  16. Elder Brown now made an effort to recall the supplemental commissions shouted to him upon his departure, intending to execute them first, and then take his written list item by item.

  17. Almost all the Irish gentlemen who had any military experience held commissions in the cavalry; and, by the exertions of these officers, some regiments had been raised and disciplined which Avaux pronounced equal to any that he had ever seen.

  18. Commissions were scattered profusely among idle cosherers who claimed to be descended from good Irish families.

  19. The two commissions indeed had nothing but the name in common.

  20. In Lancashire many gentlemen had received commissions signed by James, called themselves colonels and captains, and made out long lists of noncommissioned officers and privates.

  21. It was resolved that all members of the House who held commissions in the army should be dispensed from parliamentary attendance, in order that they might repair instantly to their military posts.

  22. Between the sittings of the Commissions of Investigation He pursued His ordinary life with the utmost serenity, planting fruit trees in a garden and presiding at a marriage feast with the dignity and radiance of spiritual freedom.

  23. They formed commissions to study situations and sent orders to Justices of the Peace on methods to address certain problems and to Sheriffs to carry out certain acts.

  24. The enclosures were now done by statutory commissions to ensure equitable allotments.

  25. If it is found that they were in default in executing the laws, they shall forfeit their commissions and be punished according to their demerits.

  26. The walls, ditches, gutters, sewers, and bridges on waterways and the coast were kept in repair by laborers hired by commissions appointed by the Chancellor.

  27. By statute of 1701, justices' commissions were to be made with an established salary determined by Parliament and a tenure to last during good behavior.

  28. Colonial courts included superior courts of judicature, courts of assize, general gaol delivery, general sessions of the peace, inferior court of common pleas, and commissions of Oyer and Terminer.

  29. In coastal counties, there were such commissions for supervising coastal defense and maintaining the beacons.

  30. To counter the wide-scale running of goods to avoid the customs tax, the customs office was reorganized in 1766 to have commissions resident in the colonies and courts of admiralty established there to expedite cases of smuggling.

  31. His companion felt that he must go by the quickest route to his destination; but Layard had no definite date before him, and he was anxious to perform the commissions of the Geographical Society, and so he plunged alone into fresh dangers.

  32. At this time, and indeed since their institution in 1739, Commissions were purchased and sold in the Regiments of Marines, although they always bore an inferior value to these in Old Corps.

  33. No less than two hundred commissions were resigned, and the outlook was black.

  34. Lovejoy, of Illinois, accepted the agitator's commissions and sought to unite the new idealism with the old Americanism.

  35. He requested Fortrose to give immediate orders to pick out those who are first to form one of the companies, that they might receive their commissions and arms.

  36. The officers from the south to whom he gave commissions in the regiment brought about two hundred men, of whom forty-three were English and Irish.

  37. The machinery once set agoing, applications poured in upon Seaforth for commissions in the corps from among his more immediate relatives, and from others who were but slightly acquainted with him.

  38. After the battle of Prestonpans, the Government, on the recommendation of the Earl of Stair, forwarded twenty blank commissions to President Forbes, with orders to raise as many companies of 100 men each, among the Highlanders.

  39. It was resolved that the other commissions should be elected by the universal suffrage of the council.

  40. No more being necessary at the earlier sittings of the council, the nomination of all other commissions was postponed.

  41. Preparatory to the second session of the council, various commissions were constituted.

  42. In addition to the above, the publications of colonial and town record commissions and state and local historical and antiquarian societies contain material of the utmost value in the study of our colonial history.

  43. Look at the privates staggering under a load big enough for a horse, while those who have commissions ride or walk at their leisure, with nothing to carry but a sword.

  44. Did you think the army would be composed of Seth, you, and I, and all three of us holding commissions because by chance we did our duty?

  45. The men who bear these commissions can oblige any unauthorised person to give up to them an apprehended negro, for the purpose of being by them returned to his owner.

  46. These kind of commissions (encommendas) are not unusual.

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