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Example sentences for "commitments"

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commissure; commissures; commit; commited; commitment; commits; committ; committal; committals; committe
  1. Notwithstanding the clamor about the identification of Scott with Seward, the South did not do equally well, except in States where personal antipathies to that interest or personal commitments of Whig leaders produced systematic defections.

  2. But the Nation has many commitments and responsibilities which make heavy demands upon our total resources.

  3. Not for a moment do we forget that our own fate is firmly fastened to that of these countries; we will not act in any way which would jeopardize our solemn commitments to them.

  4. I am convinced that it would be greatly for the welfare of the country if we avoid at the present session all commitments except those of the most pressing nature.

  5. Persistently large deficits would endanger our economic growth and our military and defense commitments abroad.

  6. In both of these, the United States has a permanent presence and security commitments which would be automatically triggered.

  7. The war authorizations will also be reduced 3'7 billion dollars by carrying receipts of revolving accounts to surplus, by lapses, and by cancellation and repayment of commitments of the Government war corporations.

  8. Our policy will continue to reflect our basic commitments as a people to support those who are prepared to work towards cooperation and harmony between races, and to help those who demand change but reject the fool's gold of violence.

  9. The meaning of this could only be, that by a prorogation all commitments by order of the lower house of parliament are determined, so that the parties could stand in no need of a habeas corpus.

  10. Investors were at their wits' end to protect commitments already made.

  11. This purchasing power came largely from brokers who were "short" of stocks to the public on commitments made at a much higher range of prices and needed the actual certificates for deliveries.

  12. Not only the privy council in general arrogated to itself a power of discretionary imprisonment, into which no inferior court was to enquire, but commitments by a single counsellor appear to have been frequent.

  13. This much is certain: No one man or group of men made these commitments alone.

  14. I know that all of us recognize that most of the things we do to meet all of these commitments I talk about will cost money.

  15. I should not wish to propose or have representatives attend a conference which would contemplate commitments opposed to the freedom of action we desire to maintain unimpaired with respect to our purely domestic policies.

  16. Accordingly, I ask Congress to grant limited authority to make longer-term commitments for assistance to such projects, to be fulfilled from appropriations to be made in future fiscal years.

  17. Great popular delusions prevail as to the causes of the increase of commitments for criminal offences in this country, which I deem it to be my duty to endeavour to dispel.

  18. A month later, Israel and the PA agreed to the Sharm el-Sheikh Commitments in an effort to move the peace process forward.

  19. The vagrancy commitments by which women are "sent up" are generally insufficient, and there is no legal power to detain them, and force them to submit to the treatment they so much require.

  20. The year is at the top, and its record of commitments of petty girl thieves at the bottom.

  21. We make today only those commitments we are able and prepared to meet.

  22. But where our interests or our treaty commitments are not involved, our role will be limited.

  23. Since the year 1805, when regular tables of commitments first began to be kept in England, commitments have increased sixfold: they have swelled from five to thirty-one thousand.

  24. In Scotland and Ireland the returns of commitments have not been kept, until within the last twenty years, with such accuracy as can be relied on; but they exhibit an increase still more alarming.

  25. Records of life were kept and commitments were reiterated.

  26. The immediate meaning of some of the commitments made became obscured over time as scale changed and the association to nature weakened.

  27. What exists are provisional commitments making up a framework for activities impossible to carry out as a practical experience defined by literacy.

  28. Pragmatically relevant commitments are no longer the privilege of state bureaucracies.

  29. They are based on allegiances and commitments contradicted by the pragmatics of today's world.

  30. It is unquestionable that information storage and access redefined the scope of commitments and historic records, and ultimately redefined memory.

  31. Awareness of reciprocal attraction, shared feelings, and commitments extending well beyond the physical encounter can be identified as a design component present even in sexuality.

  32. Relations, as well as reciprocal commitments among community members, can also be put in the records.

  33. This mediation was itself a form of work: questions asked, questions answered, commitments made, equivalencies determined.

  34. The social dimension, starting with awareness of kinship and followed by commitments to non-kin is, in addition to tool-making, the driving force of human intellectual growth.

  35. Their needs increase, too, since these individuals bring into the experience not only their person, but also commitments outside the experience.

  36. Over time, such commitments became more elaborate and separated themselves from the product.

  37. The Tenth Army commander agreed to refrain from piece-meal commitments of the Marines.

  38. The greatest number of first commitments occur from twelve to sixteen.

  39. This period contains the largest number of first commitments for crime.

  40. Really, the claims of humanity and the honor of your State both demand that my case stimulate the Illinois legislature of 1867 to provide legal safeguards against false commitments like my own.

  41. The spirit can abandon its vain commitments and false pretensions, like a young man free at last to throw off his clothes and run naked along the sands.

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