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Example sentences for "concurs"

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concurred; concurrence; concurrent; concurrently; concurring; concursus; concussion; concussions; condamnation; condemn
  1. I am very sorry Mr. Mason concurs in trying to revive the Associations.

  2. But that is not the way in which the First Cause concurs with created causes.

  3. It does not seem probable that the attempt of New York to have another convention to make amendments, will succeed, though Virginia concurs in it.

  4. My judgment concurs with that of Congress as to his fitness.

  5. By Reason that the Fever, which almost constantly accompanies great Cold, concurs to wear the body down.

  6. Accordingly, God merely concurs as one of three causes, among which the will of man is the third.

  7. Nor is anything detracted from the glory of God, but it is truly affirmed that the assistance of God always concurs in the beginning and afterwards (auxilium Dei semper initio et deinceps concurrere).

  8. On the contrary, whatever strikes in with the natural propensities, and either externally forwards their satisfaction, or internally concurs with their movements, is sure to give a sensible pleasure.

  9. Besides the propensity to a gradual progression through the points of space and time, we have another peculiarity in our method of thinking, which concurs in producing this phaenomenon.

  10. Afterwards a sentiment of morals concurs with interest, and becomes a new obligation upon mankind.

  11. Erastus concurs with him in his opinion, and so doth Aelian Montaltus cap.

  12. Cardan concurs with him, "Few there are (for aught I can perceive) well in their wits.

  13. This opinion of theirs concurs with that of Galen, l.

  14. Says that he concurs with the preceding witnesses, Hyrum Smith and Parley P.

  15. Says that so far as he was acquainted with the facts stated by the previous witnesses, he concurs with them, and that he accompanied Mr. Joseph Smith, Sen.

  16. Pratt, sworn, says that he fully concurs in the testimony of the preceding witness, so far as he is acquainted with the same; and that Joseph Smith has not been known as Joseph Smith, Jun.

  17. Robertson, an able and faithful describer of Indian manners, fully concurs with the Jesuit authors, in saying that no such beverage was known in the north, until Europeans found it for their pecuniary interest to supply it.

  18. But all history concurs in showing that, under every circumstance, and there were many of the most trying kind, he carried himself well, and avoided even a suspicion of his fidelity.

  19. He concurs with me, that the next bout will be a fatal one to one side or other, because, if we be beaten, we shall not be able to set out our fleet again.

  20. Kramer concurs with Falconer and Gosselin in understanding this passage to have been originally between the Rhone and the Loire.

  21. Groskurd concurs essentially with the opinion of M.

  22. The Candid Examination concurs on this point, and both writers agree that Clarissa should have been in five volumes instead of eight.

  23. It was said in commendation of Shakespear, that he never blotted a line; Ben Johnson replied, he wished he had blotted a thousand, in which I believe every body now concurs with him.

  24. From fact, that man instinctively concurs with this designation of Providence, to make happiness universal, by his having no delight in any thing uncommunicated or uncommunicable.

  25. Reason concurs with revelation in this conclusion.

  26. It is for us to pursue them as enemies outside of the Constitution, where they wickedly place themselves, and where the Constitution concurs in placing them also.

  27. Another letter from the same source concurs with Mr. Bright in condemning the project.

  28. But, though the principle of merit and demerit ought not to be the determining principle of virtuous action, it powerfully concurs with the moral law, because it offers virtue a legitimate ground of consolation and hope.

  29. The Secretary of the Treasury concurs in the recommendation of the Secretary of Agriculture that the official supervision provided by the tariff law for sugar of domestic production shall be transferred to the Department of Agriculture.

  30. She concurs with me in the falseness of Sir W.

  31. He concurs that we are in a way of ruin by thus being forced to keep only small squadrons out, but do tell me that it was not choice, but only force, that we could not keep out the whole fleete.

  32. I mean it to be moderate (I shall have the copy when we meet to show you), but unless he concurs it may lead to consequences between this time and February.

  33. Recognizing a new factor in the induced development of the last angle, he propounds the law of correlation, and affirms that it concurs with and subserves evolution.

  34. All this Cosmas stated in his Christian Topography (a work published for the first time in 1707 by the learned Montfaucon), and concurs in the opinion that the ancient Hebrews were the scribes.

  35. For if He concurs with the actions of perverse men, as with those of the just, it is evident that to concur is to do, since He who concurs is also the creator of all.

  36. Lord Derby entirely concurs in your Majesty's opinion that no credit is to be attached to the denials of the French or Russian Governments in regard to the engagements subsisting between them.

  37. The Queen has received Lord Derby's letter of last night, and was glad to see that he entirely concurs with her in the advantage and necessity of appointing a Commission to consider the question of the organisation of the future Army of India.

  38. The Queen concurs with Lord John that it will now be useless to communicate to France the advice given to the Porte.

  39. She quite approves the steps taken by the Government,[23] and concurs in Lord Malmesbury's views.

  40. Lady Bab Montagu concurs with her in all these things, and their convent, for by its regularity it resembles one, is really a cheerful place.

  41. I hate Men, I hate the Cumber of a Family, everything concurs to discourage me, to make me fear it, to make it my Aversion.

  42. In substance, my opinion concurs with that of my brethren, for repelling, in the circumstances of the present case, the objection to the admissibility of the witness, leaving his credit to the consciences and good sense of the jury.

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