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Example sentences for "condescends"

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condere; condescend; condescended; condescending; condescendingly; condescension; condescensions; condicion; condiciones; condicions
  1. He condescends to dissipate the royal character, and to trifle with those light, subordinate, lacquered sceptres in those hands that sustain the ball representing the world, or which wield the trident that commands the ocean.

  2. But my honorable and learned friend[22] on the floor, who condescends to mark what I say for animadversion, will disdain that ground.

  3. Pulcheria the government of the empire, and the education of her brother, whom he scarcely condescends to praise.

  4. I will make with you an eternal divorce, I will from this moment open my heart to the eternal Wisdom, who condescends to ask it.

  5. Your duke, who condescends Almost to the whole world, might for a Man Pass in the eyes of those who never saw The duke capped with a prince.

  6. One of the queens of the tribe is there, in the neighbourhood of the Macartneys — the difficult rosa sulphurea — it finds itself so well accommodated, that it condescends to play its part to perfection.

  7. I think our house is distinguished with his regards, though I am sure I can't imagine why, for he never condescends to anything beyond general benevolence when he is here, and not always to that.

  8. Southern hospitality, though bountifully bestowed upon the rich, rarely condescends to shed its bright rays over the needy poor.

  9. More decent now than once she was, Though equally opposed to riches, She still upholds the good old cause, Yet condescends to wear the breeches.

  10. It is pretty and gentle that the Muse herself condescends to the care of moulding the young soft lip to the pure musical utterance of Latium's magnificent Mother-tongue.

  11. Because we cannot conceive in our poor narrow minds what God is in himself, therefore he expresseth to us often in similitudes to the creatures, and condescends to our capacity.

  12. He condescends far more to it, he cannot be an enemy to such a soul.

  13. Christ is the surety of them, and so the certainty and stability of them depend upon him, at least to our sense, for God in all his dealing condescends to our weakness that we may have strong consolation.

  14. Religion consists not in a general notion, but condescends to our particular practice, to reform it.

  15. Now, if God condescends in any place, and at any time, to give the reason for a command, we might expect it would be at the time of its first promulgation.

  16. For it is worthy of note, that God condescends to give the reason of this command; a thing which he does not for moral precepts in general.

  17. Do you really think Miss Claudia Merlin condescends to like Ishmael?

  18. No person of a great mind ever condescends to use address in that sense of the word; not because they cannot, but because they will not.

  19. The Lord condescends to use me more and more as His steward.

  20. He lives up among the clouds, and when he condescends to come down to earth he shuts himself up in his own room, where he indulges in pleasant intercourse with the Muses.

  21. When Peter condescends to write, His verse deserves to see the light.

  22. In which the author condescends to be very minute in the description of our heroine's dress.

  23. The princess, who cannot plead ignorance of his passion, nor deny the sorrow she testified for his death, condescends to pardon him, and he is also permitted to hope.

  24. Even the Captain condescends to own he will listen to any military details, though only from a militia officer.

  25. I like to see a young man of good name and lineage who condescends to think that the Tragic Muse is not below his advances.

  26. A dinner before me fit for a prince, while the sun shines on the green leaves before the open window, and the little hostess herself condescends to serve me--I should be a monster of ingratitude if I could desire anything better.

  27. The indications which Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess condescends to give me are too precious to me for me not to be most anxious to fulfill at least all my duties.

  28. Old Baker, who says of himself that he was the unworthiest of the knights made at Theobald's, condescends to mention William Shakespeare at the tail end of the men of note of Elizabeth's time.

  29. It is not often that old Ben condescends to imitate a modern author; but Master Dan.

  30. Then she condescends to come and stay with these abominations and pretends to feel surprised that her old friends don't run after her.

  31. And he condescends to get it in this way!

  32. The wonder of it is that God condescends to do this even with men who know little of Him; but it should be remembered that though He is strange to many men, none of them are strange to Him.

  33. In the first scene we always behold the free and generous favour of God offered to the people He condescends to bless, altogether apart from any merits or claims on their part.

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