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Example sentences for "confusions"

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confuses; confusing; confusingly; confusion; confusional; confusioun; confutation; confute; confuted; confutes
  1. Then he had another inspiration, and went rambling off into fervent confusions and incoherencies, and I had to stop him again.

  2. But at this point the puzzles and riddles and confusions begin to flock in.

  3. It is May, 1897, now; a year has gone by, and the confusions of that day have been to a considerable degree cleared away.

  4. He was called a mere mirror of the passing humours and intellectual confusions of the popular mind.

  5. The visitor talked gloomily of the national prospect; of difficulties with Austria, with Russia, with the Turk; of the confusions to come upon Europe from the doctrines of Midlothian.

  6. Similar confusions appear in Professor Patten's Theory of Prosperity, in a number of places.

  7. Whence it follows that the eye must unavoidably be mistaken, since it will take the confusions in the sense it has been used to, which is directly opposed to the true.

  8. If History may be credited, the French Court at the Time of our old Confusions was made the Scene of Satan's Politicks, and prompted both Parties in England and in Scotland also to quarrel, and how was it done?

  9. They are full of complexity, and of confusion to the uninitiated, and the confusions of practice are greater than the confusions of the rules.

  10. But to return to the people, whose confusions fitted them to be imposed upon by all sorts of pretenders and by every mountebank.

  11. But I think now, as I thought forty years ago, that through the confusions and contradictions of a stormy and angry time, the statute-book remains the safest guide to follow.

  12. But as a statesman he had felt throughout that a wrong to his relation, or even a wrong to the Holy See, in the degraded condition of the Papacy, was no sufficient cause for adding to the confusions of Christendom.

  13. Very didactic to witness even "the confusions of this Army," and what comes of them to Armies!

  14. Which would indeed have saved immense confusions to mankind!

  15. The "confusions of a wasted youth" strew thick confusions of a dreary age.

  16. These confusions led Hegel to talk of the death of art, to conceive as possible a Philosophy of History, and to the application of the natural sciences to the absurd task of constructing a Philosophy of Nature.

  17. The confusions between the methods of art and those of the philosophical sciences have been far more frequent.

  18. The most celebrated of these confusions are those formulated about the relativity of tastes and of the impossibility of reproducing, tasting, and correctly judging the art of the past, and in general the art of others.

  19. Confusions in Cartography of the 16th Century from the endeavour to combine new and old information.

  20. Sidenote: Confusions in Cartography of the 16th century, from the endeavour to combine new and old information.

  21. Gordianus, who emerged out of the confusions of this time as ruler, is designated as conqueror of the Goths; it is more certain that the Roman government at any rate under him, if not already earlier, agreed to buy off the Gothic incursions.

  22. There, as here, errors and confusions in the Church are in view--a subtle theosophy and also a retrograde ceremonialism, probably both amalgamating into one dangerous total.

  23. The thousand confusions of our time shall only make this Divine simplicity the more precious to us.

  24. Other confusions are apt to appear in these early attempts at drawing a man in profile.

  25. With a little difficulty, I prevailed on the rest to go home at once, and not add to the confusions and terrors of the unhappy affair by the excitement of their presence.

  26. As the confusions of the state increased, so do the confusions in its story.

  27. The confusions which attended the civil war between the houses of York and Lancaster, threw an obscurity over that part of our annals, which it is almost impossible to dispel.

  28. To the intelligent, confusions are here unnecessary.

  29. But the history of ethics is full of confusions in just this field.

  30. Tragedy still more subtly attains the beauty of expressiveness by making the very evils and confusions and terrors it presents somehow the exemplifications of a serene eternal order.

  31. Men have increasingly come to realize that the pressing problems of our industrial life require for their solution not the confusions and incompetences of passion and prejudice, but an application of the fruits of scientific inquiry.

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