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Example sentences for "coroners"

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  1. By the Coroners (Emergency Provisions) Act of 1917, the number of the jury has been cut down to a minimum of seven and a maximum of eleven men.

  2. For every inquiry made upon viewing a slain body coroners shall be paid 13s.

  3. Many duties of sheriffs and coroners were transferred to county landholders by commissions.

  4. Some persons seem to have supposed that this was a prohibition merely upon officers bearing the specific names of "sheriffs, constables, coroners and bailiffs," to hold criminal trials.

  5. The coroners are afraid to make inquisition, for fear of a felonious assault; a result rendered very probable by the known temper of the prior, who, by his violent conduct, is said to have contributed materially to the unhappy disturbances.

  6. The coroners and bailiffs went and made inquisition.

  7. The coroners say they cannot make inquisition, by reason of the imminence of the war.

  8. The coroners inquest was to him the enemy, and he would have to view the body.

  9. When the doctors and coroners have done, I suppose.

  10. Coroners Feinberg and Holtzhauser with Coroner's Physician Weston arranged to go down the bay on the Patrol, while Coroner Hellenstein waited at the pier.

  11. Some persons seem to have supposed that this was a prohibition merely upon officers bearing the specific names of "sheriffs, constables, coroners and bailiffs," to hold criminal trials.

  12. The justices could themselves act as coroners, but annually two or more coroners for each parish were appointed by the governor.

  13. Originally coroners held small courts of inquiry upon cases of wreckage, destructive fires, or sudden death, but in course of time their jurisdiction became confined to the last-named class of cases.

  14. Royal coroners held inquests on all sudden deaths to determine whether they were accidental or not.

  15. There were about five coroners in each county and they served for a number of years.

  16. Many duties of sheriffs and coroners were transferred to county landowners by commissions.

  17. The coroners entered into a solemn compact to persist in ignoring Cooley or to regard him merely as an absurd and very indelicate goblin who had behaved in a manner wholly unworthy of a ghost with gentlemanly instincts.

  18. The wholesale slaughter in which the hero and heroine indulge seems to entitle the poem to association with the three coroners above mentioned.

  19. It was well that Katie was present to check his temper, through pride, or the poor women might have been scolded again for their dangerous delay, as coroners go forth early with their guns loaded for game hiding in coaches.

  20. The political coroners were supposed to be partners of his in crime, and the police had tracked many a case through his establishment to the retorts at the Fresh Pond crematory, where nothing but a few handfuls of ashes remained.

  21. Sheriffs and coroners are elected in their counties for three years.

  22. A sheriff and one or more coroners are elected in each county for two years.

  23. Sheriffs and coroners are elected annually in their respective counties, and may be re-elected until they shall have served three years; after which they are ineligible for three years.

  24. At the end of February there was a meeting of coroners in Cork, at which they came to the determination of holding no more starvation inquests.

  25. In New York the powers and duties of coroners are defined by statute.

  26. Here the office of coroner may be classed under the head of coroners virtute electionis.

  27. Coroners in the city of New York are governed by a special act relating to that city exclusively.

  28. The present defined powers of coroners in Great Britain and the United States, unless modified by British statutes and American acts, are derived from the English Stat.

  29. There were three kinds of coroners at common law: Virtute officii; virtute cartæ sive commissionis; and virtute electionis.

  30. In fact so great was the dignity of this office in ancient times, that it was never presumed that coroners would condescend to be paid for their services.

  31. Coroners virtute officii and virtute cartæ sive commissionis are unknown to our institutions.

  32. Under this head come the lord chief justice and puisne justices of the King’s Bench, who are supreme and sovereign coroners respectively.

  33. Coroners are first heard of in the directions given to the itinerant Justices by Richard I.

  34. In 1908 a committee was appointed to inquire into the law relating to coroners and coroners' inquests and into the practice in coroners' courts.

  35. Deputy coroners are also appointed in both counties and boroughs, and the law relating to their appointment is contained in the Coroners Act 1892.

  36. The duty of coroners to inquire into treasure-trove (q.

  37. Coroners are of three kinds: (1) coroners by virtue of their office, e.

  38. Coroners Act 1887, is now virtually dispensed with.

  39. The latter circumstance led the coroners to believe that the crime had been perpetrated by Jews.

  40. The vigilant eyes of the coroners were riveted on this settlement.

  41. The Mickletorn mentioned in 1308 was held in the presence of the coroners and bailiffs, and presentments were made by decennaries of the daily market, (i.

  42. There were no coroners in the Cinque Ports except the mayors of the various towns.

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